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Why agile fails (Lean Agile Scotland 2012)

Cdf378de2284d8acf137122e541caa28?s=47 mattwynne
September 22, 2012

Why agile fails (Lean Agile Scotland 2012)

As a BDD / TDD trainer and coach, Matt has seen lots of organisations that have struggled to enjoy the full benefits of agile.

This talk explores the reasons why this happens, and what we can do about it.



September 22, 2012

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  1. Why agile fails @mattwynne | @LeanAgileScot | September 2012

  2. Living documentation BDD Kickstart.com mattwynne.net Coaching / blogging training Collaborating

  3. Let's talk about failure

  4. Let's talk about success

  5. Let's talk about joy

  6. If it isn't fun, you're doing it wrong Wynne's 1st

    law of software delivery:
  7. Ouch

  8. Pain is feedback

  9. You can learn from feedback

  10. Learning is fun

  11. Is your organisation ready to learn?

  12. We don't have time to learn

  13. We're too busy delivering value

  14. Learning is value

  15. Always be Learning

  16. Always be Learning What does the market want? What should

    our architecture be? Do we have the right people on the team? What technology should we use? What should we build first? How long will this take? How do I write a test for this? What should I name this class?
  17. Learning about the problem domain

  18. Learning to collaborate

  19. Learning about the solution domain

  20. Learning new skills

  21. Cargo cults

  22. कഁ཭ Shu Ha Ri

  23. "It is known that, when we learn or train in

    something, we pass through the stages of Shu, Ha, and Ri.
  24. "In shu, we repeat the forms and discipline ourselves so

    that our bodies absorb the forms that our forbearers created. "We remain faithful to the forms with no deviation.
  25. "Next, in the stage of ha, once we have disciplined

    ourselves to acquire the forms and movements, we make innovations. "In this process the forms may be broken and discarded.
  26. "Finally, in ri, we completely depart from the forms, open

    the door to creative technique, and arrive in a place where we act in accordance with what our heart/mind desires, unhindered while not overstepping laws. -- Seishiro Endo
  27. Learning new skills takes time

  28. Build in space for learning

  29. Beware the tools

  30. Silos

  31. Let's make toast.

  32. Let's make toast. You burn it, I'll scrape it.

  33. Be generalists

  34. Share responsibility

  35. When's it going to be done?

  36. I wish you guys were faster.

  37. I don't trust you.

  38. Build trust

  39. Small is beautiful

  40. Make it flow

  41. Stop the line

  42. Now is the best time to invest in being better

  43. Thanks matt@mattwynne.net