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Moving Fast and Breaking Everything

September 18, 2019

Moving Fast and Breaking Everything

The job of a developer is creating software, not changing the world. But to even the most focused developer, it’s now obvious that to create software is to change the world. Information technology is changing everything in personal lives and public life: social relations, the nature of work, what an enterprise is, and perhaps even the basis of trade itself. As developers, should we care about this, or is it someone else’s problem? This session explores conflicting ideas about info-capitalism and its future and attempts to draw out implications for ourselves.

Video of an earlier version of this talk is at https://t.ly/gL359


September 18, 2019

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  1. #mfbe @mauricenaftalin … things that didn’t 
 seem very significant

 at the time … What It’s Like Being Old…
  2. #mfbe @mauricenaftalin … but most of all you remember all

    those missed investment opportunities What It’s Like Being Old…
  3. #mfbe @mauricenaftalin Cultural Change: Attentional Smartphone as experiment: “Impulsivity Training

 (Williams, Stand Out of Our Light) Attentional devices: – intermittent variable rewards – use of colour – infinite feeds and autoplay
  4. #mfbe @mauricenaftalin Your Attention is Valuable! “The best minds of

    my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads.” “At Netflix, we are competing for our customers’ time, so our competitors include Snapchat, YouTube, sleep, etc.” “… about 450 million social media comments a year. The Chinese regime avoids arguing with skeptics or discussing controversial issues. The goal of the operation is instead to distract the public and change the subject.”
  5. #mfbe @mauricenaftalin Economic Adaptation New business models: • advertising •

    lean platforms Transformation of existing models: • product transformation • supply-chain integration
  6. #mfbe @mauricenaftalin Political Impact Well-known impacts: • Twitter as communication

    – and distraction • Facebook as a news medium • Proliferating scrutiny • Technological unemployment but also… • Code as power • Algorithmic (in)justice • Codifying values
  7. #mfbe @mauricenaftalin What Can Engineers Do? Some options: • Reclaim

    your attention! • #wewontbuildit #techwontbuildit • Innovation within the tech sector • Collaborate outside the tech sector • Be open-minded!
  8. #mfbe @mauricenaftalin Further Reading • Jamie Susskind: Future Politics •

    Adam Greenfield: Radical Technologies • Nick Srnicek: Platform Capitalism • James Williams: Stand Out of Our Light • Dave Eggers: The Circle • Philip K. Dick: everything he ever wrote… A very small sample: