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Community Metrics are a Trojan Horse for Real Relationships

Community Metrics are a Trojan Horse for Real Relationships

If you’re lucky, you’re part of a company that invests (headcount and budget) in community building. If you’re very lucky, no one questions your purchasing of stickers or your trips to conferences. At some point, though, someone does. It’s from here that opinion forks into two camps. There are those who measure Community and those who refuse to do so. There is no middle group found in the mainstream media. You’re either Data Driven or Gut Driven. I’m going to argue in favor of being Data Driven, but it will not be for the numbers. It’s about the people and it’s about building a community that can survive in the long run inside a corporation.

Talk at Community Leadership Summit 2017 - http://www.communityleadershipsummit.com/schedule/

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  1. $$$$ ENGINEERING MARKETING SUPPORT SALES $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ Products Leads

    Loyalty @mbbroberg Hugs COMMUNITY Inc. = $$$$ More Hugs
  2. Team Brain Team Gut Talks in: • Tally marks •

    Pie charts Talks in: • Energy • Absolutes @mbbroberg
  3. Team Brain Team Gut PRO AGAINST @mbbroberg Talks in: •

    Tally marks • Pie charts Talks in: • Energy • Absolutes
  4. Bulk order of 1,000 stickers costs $347 Based on exposure

    there’s a 1/10 “usage” of stickers Say 1/100 people are speakers Get a sticker on a speaker’s laptop? Say they speak at 10 conferences a year. Average audience size of 1000. Assume 50% recorded with 5x people watching online. 35,000 views in a year. Get a keynote speaker? Average audience size of 10,000. 350,000 views in a year. Cost per sticker = $0.35 Cost per view = between $0.01-0.001 @mbbroberg Cost to produce a piece of content that gets 35,000 views? 1 week of employee ($100,000 a year) is $1,923. Cost to product a piece of content that gets 350,000 views? 2 weeks of 2 employee ($100,000 a year) is $7,692. Cost per view = between $0.05- 0.076 Aside – ROI of a Sticker Stickers offer between 5x and 76x greater return
  5. Recruiting Customers Retention Marketing Product @mbbroberg / Lead Qualification Brand

    Awareness Content Creation Product Feedback Code Contribution Documentation
  6. # of Recruits List of Anecdotes Product @mbbroberg / #

    of Warm Leads # of Advocacy Time To Resolution % of Issues closed # of Pull Requests % of Qs answered % of Share of Voice % of Revenue w/Touchpoints Marketing
  7. User opened a GitHub Issue Spoke with her on Slack

    Helped her resolve the issue on Zoom She commit the bug fix back to repo Now she’s helped 5 others on mailing list @mbbroberg / Marketing Product image credit
  8. • EMC • Aligned to Press and Analyst Relations measurement

    of success: Share of Voice • Optimized for Share of Voice during launches and events • Told the story as Planned and Organic Engagement • Resulted in significant funding • Infinio • Found value in TTR (time to resolution) of a support issue • Setup Slack channels that dropped the time between a Sales demo issue and a product fix • Basho • Setup a program to target 100% answer rate on user mailing lists • Focused on community members helping community members • Went from variable to consistently near 100% • Business wanted Sales introductions to potential leads • Ran meetups focused on new users • Introduced Sales person as point of contact if interested in learning more Aside – Successes in Measuring @mbbroberg
  9. The minute we choose to measure we are choosing to

    aspire to it @mbbroberg image credit