Career Shifting Strategies

Career Shifting Strategies

This 5 minute lightning talk was given at the DCUX19 conference

It doesn’t matter your background or where you are in your career. There is a job for everyone in UX. But how do you find the right one? How do you define your goals? How can you secure the best fit?

This 5 minute talk is chalk full of resources, and strategies I have used to make my career pivot! Combing a professional development course I took with Streetwise partners and Design Thinking methods. I have collected some of my favorite tools and tips to share with everyone.

Including the following:

1. SMART GOALS – (define what you want)
2. Informational Interviews (do you research, have a goal in mind, have an action item at the end.)
3. Road mapping and tracking your networking (Trello board)
4. How to use Slack Community Channels (AIGA, women who code, color coded etc)
5. Use LinkedIn better (what is the story you want to tell, reach out to people with your pitch and refer a friend.)
6. (B2B directory to discover what companies are really doing)


Marie Claire Andrea

November 09, 2019