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Why Online Marketing is Worth Your Time

Why Online Marketing is Worth Your Time

Become an online marketing guru with this helpful guide!

Online resources with links: https://goo.gl/zeT9mB

Maryland Food Bank

September 21, 2018

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  1. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB Why Online Marketing is Worth Your Time Andrea Appin,

    Digital Marketing Manager, MFB Ben Gross, Staff Writer, MFB
  2. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB Be Found on the Internet “In 2017 46.8% of

    the global population accessed the internet.” – Statista
  3. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB Engage Your Audience “97% of consumers read online reviews

    for local businesses in 2017, with 12% looking for a local business online every day.” – BrightLocal’s 2017 Consumer Review
  4. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB • Claim Your Listing • Engage Your Audience •

    Rank Higher on Google searches Be Found On the Internet
  5. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB Insider’s tricks: • Search for organizations similar to yours

    in your area • See which organization is ranked the highest • Search for the name of that organization • See where they are listed Rank Higher on Google Searches
  6. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB Build a Powerful Social Media Presence “53% of Americans

    who follow brands in social are more loyal to those brands.” – Convince and Convert
  7. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB Build A Powerful Social Media Presence • LinkedIn: Engage

    Your Local Business Community • Twitter: Share Your Latest News and Reach Influences • Instagram: Show Off Photos that Best Represent Your Organization • Facebook: Reach Your Supporters and Ignite Them Into Action
  8. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB • Focus on Channels that Grow Your Organization •

    Transform your Facebook Business Page Build A Powerful Social Media Presence
  9. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB • Focus on Channels that Grow Your Organization •

    Transform your Facebook Business Page • A Quick and Easy Way to Get Donations and Fundraisers Build A Powerful Social Media Presence
  10. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB Telling Your Story “Marketing is no longer about the

    stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker
  11. How do you get “you” across? Vocabulary Are your clients

    “hungry,” “food-insecure,” “facing hunger”? Are they “poor,” “disadvantaged,” “down on their luck,” Do you “give out food,” “feed people,” “lend a helping hand”?
  12. How do you get “you” across? Tone When you speak

    about your organization, do you: • Remain positive? • Then your tone should match: "We give people help so they can help themselves?"
  13. How do you get “you” across? Personality • Do you

    always welcome clients with a smile? Your messages should smile too • Do you instill a sense of hope in your clients? Your messages should be hopeful too
  14. • Start Small – Claim Your Listing • Use Resources

    Available • Double-check Your Words • Tips Featured in Partner Connection enews In Conclusion
  15. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB Resources Non Profit Online Listing: Namecheap (domain registration) Facebook

    (how-to claim + accept donations) Google One Today (online donations) PayPal (setup to accept donations remotely using FREE PayPal Here) Google My Business (listing + website builder) Bing (listing) Yelp (listing) TripAdvisor (listing) SquareSpace (website builder) Wix (website builder)
  16. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB Resources Tools: Canva (image editing) Unsplash (stock photography) Google

    Images (open copyright filter) MailChimp (e-newsletters FREE up to 2,000) Lynda (learning courses FREE with library card) Skitch (MAC) / LightShot (MAC & PC) (screenshot + image editing) Grammarly (writing tool) AwesomeScreenshot (screenshot + image editing)