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WordPress Design Trends

Mel Choyce
July 04, 2015

WordPress Design Trends

What does the current WordPress design landscape look like? What are popular and upcoming design trends to look out for? We’ll take a look at the current WordPress design ecosystem and explore how it’s projected to change in the next year.

Mel Choyce

July 04, 2015

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  1. I am Mel Choyce • Design Engineer at Automattic •

    WordPress core contributor • Live in Boston, MA • @melchoyce | choycedesign.com | melchoyce.com
  2. “Responsive” is the #1 used feature filter in the WordPress.org

    Theme Directory (Leading the #2 filter by 19.1%) https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/meta/p1435859343000128
  3. “Though 79% of [Themeforest] themes say they’re responsive, these make

    up 93% of overall earnings.” http://inside.envato.com/pressnomics/
  4. SVG

  5. “WordPress theme buyers are often characterized as wanting the highest

    number of features that can be crammed into a single theme. Our search data contradicts this.” http://inside.envato.com/pressnomics/