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Out in Tech Hackathon: New York, September 2017

Mel Choyce
September 23, 2017

Out in Tech Hackathon: New York, September 2017

Slides for my introduction to WordPress.com at the Out in Tech Hackathon in NYC.

Mel Choyce

September 23, 2017

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  1. Getting Started with WordPress.com Mel Choyce Product Designer, Automattic @melchoyce

  2. Creating a new site

  3. WordPress.com

  4. Pick a category

  5. Start with a website

  6. Skip theme selection

  7. Pick your site url

  8. Pick Premium or Business

  9. Add account details

  10. Wait for setup, then purchase plan

  11. Add coupon

  12. Complete checkout

  13. Start building!

  14. Customization

  15. Your admin

  16. Pick a theme

  17. Customize your site

  18. Customizer Demo

  19. Content

  20. Return to your admin

  21. Add or edit pages

  22. Add or edit blog posts

  23. The editors

  24. Additional Features

  25. Install plugins

  26. Upload themes

  27. Domains

  28. Email

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