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Information Session for Build@Mercari 2021

Information Session for Build@Mercari 2021

Software Engineer Training & Internship Program “Build@Mercari 2021” is back again this year. Check out our slides to learn more!



March 23, 2021


  1. Build@Mercari 2021 Online Briefing Session

  2. 19:00~19:05 Introduction 19:05~19:15 About Mercari group 19:15~19:25 Why D&I is

    Important to us 19:25~19:40 About Build@Mercari 2021 19:40~20:00 Q&A Time Schedule
  3. Quick intro! Rika Watanabe Talent Acquisition Team Joined Mercari in

    2018 • 2018-2019 Merpay mid-career hiring team • 2019-2021 Mercari New grad hiring team
  4. Quick intro! Mark Hahn Software Engineer, Backend Co-Lead, D&I Community

    Joined Mercari in 2019 • 2019-2020 Home Backend • 2021- Item Detail Backend
  5. About Mercari Group @rika

  6. About us February 1st, 2013 Established Tokyo, Sendai, Fukuoka, Osaka,

    Palo Alto, Portland, Boston Offices 1700+ Including subsidiaries Headcount 6
  7. October 1st, 1991 Operation of football club Fumiaki Koizumi Management

    of Kashima Soccer Stadium Higashiyama 2887, Aō, Kashima, Ibaraki Company Overview Mercari, Inc. Founded Main Business Activities Representative Locations February 1st, 2013 Planning, development, and operation of the Mercari marketplace app Shintaro Yamada Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6118, Japan Tokyo, Sendai, Fukuoka, Palo Alto, Portland, Boston The Mercari Group is made up of Mercari, Inc., and its consolidated subsidiaries. Founded Business Representative Locations November 20, 2017 New financial business Business Naoki Aoyagi Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6118, Japan Founded Business Representative Locations January 2014 Planning, development, and operation of Mercari US John Lagerling 1. Palo Alto, California 2. Portland, Oregon 3. Boston (Cambridge), Massachusetts Merpay, Inc. Mercari, Inc. (US) Founded Business Representative Locations Kashima Antlers F.C. Co., Ltd. 7 Founded Business Representative Locations January 28, 2021 Planning, development, and management of internet services Yuki Ishikawa Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6118, Japan Souzoh, Inc.
  8. What is Mercari? Source Use Mercari’s Mission: Create value in

    a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell
  9. Mercari Service Concept Up to Now Mass production /consumption To

    those in need receive as needed From now on Items • Safety made possible by technology ◦ Escrow Payment ◦ Violation detection system making full use of AI technology • Easy listing UX and Technology ◦ Barcode listing ◦ AI image recognition CtoC marketplace Mercari
  10. What is Merpay? Merpay’s Mission: Create trust and build a

    seamless society
  11. Merpay Service Concept Value exchange through "money" Value exchange through

    "trust" • Trust is created through transactions in Mercari • Trust allows our customers to do things we have not done before, such as deferred payments Money Merpay payment service Up to Now From now on
  12. Mercari US “The Selling App” Mercari US Mission: Make selling

    easier than buying
  13. Values With the whole team working together and all members

    working to their highest potential, the team can achieve large missions that one person alone cannot. In order to create innovation with a big impact on the world, everyone takes on bold challenges and learns from many failures. All members take ownership of their work as professionals in their field, learn every day, and commit to showing results. Go Bold All for One Be 13 a Pro
  14. People at Mercari group 14 50 Software engineers are from

    abroad % Employees from 40 countries
  15. Communication in Mercari group 15 Lunch & Learn Team Building

    Tea Time & Shuffle lunch • Unconscious Bias workshop • Yasashi Japanese/English Communication • Open Door with execs
  16. Why D&I is Important to us? @Mark

  17. What is Diversity? Deep Diversity Easy to visualize Hard to

    visualize differences Surface Diversity • Nationality • Race • Ethnicity • Sex • Physical features (Physique, skin color, disability, etc.) • Skills • Thinking • Perspective • Ability • Strength/Weakness • Thought • Creed • Religion • Ability • Work style • Customs, Etc.
  18. What is inclusion (inclusiveness)? Integration Inclusion Separation A state where

    people with differences are accepted in an organization, and their individuality and capability are appreciated
  19. Mercari’s D&I We have members with many diverse backgrounds at

    Mercari. Our goal is for everyone to have equal chances to do their best work, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, physical ability, or any other identifying feature. We strive to create various policies and initiatives to make this a reality.
  20. Getting D&I Right is Part of Our Mission • Create

    value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell • Building trust for a seamless society • Understand the needs of customers and partners worldwide • Hire top experts from all over the world & build an inclusive environment where they can thrive • Through an environment where all can thrive, amplify our success 10X
  21. Why Diversity and Inclusion: Personal Experience • A set of

    problem solvings Life, career, projects, business, • Better Problem Solving? Better options / proposals
  22. Why Diversity and Inclusion: Personal Experience • A set of

    problem solvings Life, career, projects, business, • Better Problem Solving? Better options / proposals • Groundbreaking Problem Solving? Challenge Conventional Thinking!
  23. Recent Software Projects • Paradigm Shift to our Lives Social

    Networks, Maps (GPS), Smartphones • Requires understanding on “People” Society, users, needs and demands • “Understanding Tech” is not Enough To make great product for people/society!
  24. A Conventional Background • High School Science & Math Concentration

    • University Computer Science • [Maybe?] Postgraduate Machine Learning
  25. An Example of Diverse Background (1 / 2) • High

    School Liberal Arts Course, Geography/History • University Computer Science and Engineering • [Maybe?] Postgraduate Multi-Disciplinary Study Psychometrics, design, HCI, applied stat.
  26. An Example of Diverse Background (2 / 2) • Long

    Experience in Online Used Market eBay, Craigslist, Reverb.com, Now Mercari! • Strong Hobbies Musical Instruments, Collective Items, etc. • These are all useful knowledge! New feature development Your tech skills + another skills / experience
  27. Others

  28. How Diverse Background Works in Mercari • Feature Development Cross-Functional

    Teams • Working with People With various Career/Cultural Backgrounds • Building One Product One Product by Many Thoughts!
  29. Everyone Can Become Software Engineer! • In the past, making

    car Mechanical Engineering, limited topic • Building a Software Product You need to understand broder things • Multi-Disciplinary Responsibility These requires more backgrounds and knowledge
  30. Learn Software, Build the Next Generation!

  31. References • Credits for Gopher Images by Maria Letta ◦

    GitHub Repo
  32. About Build@Mercari 2021 @rika

  33. Build@Mercari 2021 Detailed Job Description is here Build training program

    Build Internship (paid) OJT internship 10 people Japanese or English CS Basics / specific technical areas 80 people Japanese or English August - September Late April - mid-May (3 weeks) An online skill training & internship program which aims to encourage the minority groups in IT/STEM fields
  34. Build@Mercari 2021 Detailed Job Description is here Schedule ◦ March-April

    ▪ Application period (Application deadline: April 7th) ←extended! ▪ Coding test (1) (for Build training program) • Coding tests in English ▪ Document Screening (1) (for Build training programs) ◦ Late April - mid May ▪ Join the Build training program! ◦ Late May - June ▪ Coding test (2) (for Build Internship) • Coding tests in English • Only Machine Learning will take on another skill test ▪ Document Screening (2) (for Build Internship) ▪ 2 Interviews ◦ August - September ▪ Join the Build Internship!
  35. Build@Mercari 2021 Detailed Job Description is here Requirements • Shared

    belief in Mercari’s mission and values • Are members of a demographic that is a minority in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) or IT fields, or self-identify as a member of minority groups • Have completed at least one course related to computer science • Are currently enrolled in a university or post-graduate program and would be able to join the company as full-time employees in 2022 or later, or are university graduates with roughly one to three years of work experience
  36. Build@Mercari 2021 Detailed Job Description is here Requirements • Are

    able to take part in the Build Internship for the two-month period from August to September 2021 at least three days a week from 10 AM to 7 PM (JST) (The number of hours you work per day is negotiable.) • Have access to a computer and an internet environment (This is necessary for you to take part in the Build Training Program. For the Build Internship, we will provide you with a computer.)
  37. Aims to provide a learning support to pass coding test

    (2) for the build internship program. You can also learn about the development process and technical areas at Mercari / Merpay. What is the Build Training Program? Data structure and algorithm program (Udemy) For those who understand the basic grammar, this course provides basic data structure and algorithms. DevDojo (Mercari's in-house program) A training to learn about the overall development process and technical areas in Mercari and Merpay Programs by specific tech area (Udemy) Git, Agile / Scrum, Frontend, ML, iOS, Android, Go, Cloud / Container, etc.
  38. About the program • How long is the training period?

    ◦ April 26th (Mon) to May 14th (Friday). *Dates might change • Which content in the program should I study? ◦ You can select which course to take based on the technical field of you interest. You are welcome to take courses outside of Mercari’s recommendations • How often/how many hours should I take the course? ◦ We don’t have a set time for the training. You can take classes according to your schedule. ◦ At the beginning of the course, we plan to have the participants share their goals and a rough study plan. • Any chance to interact with Mercari's employees and other participants? ◦ We are planning to have events such as team building, roundtable discussions, lightning talk, etc Build Training Program FAQ
  39. About the program • Is this a paid program? ◦

    The training program is unpaid. • Would Mercari provide a computer for the training program? ◦ No. We will ask the participants to prepare their own computer and internet connection. Build Training Program FAQ
  40. Selection for the training programs • How are the coding

    test (1) and (2) different? ◦ (1) is basic, and (2) is the test same as Mercari's regular internship and new graduate hiring selection, so the difficulty level is different. ◦ In the coding test, you will be asked to write a program using computer science and mathematical knowledge. Main languages available for coding tests: Go / Python / Kotlin / Swift / Java / JavaScript / C / C ++ / C # / Ruby / Scala ◦ To be prepared for the coding test (1), we recommend that you practice with Easy level questions on AtCoder / LeetCode / Topcoder • Can I start my internship screening without participating in the program? ◦ As a general rule, applicants need to participate in the program before the internship. If you have unavoidable reasons, please contact us. Build Training Program FAQ
  41. Requirements • Are there any age restrictions? ◦ There is

    no age restriction. Minors are required to gain consent from a parent or guardian when joining the internship program. • I am currently working as a software engineer. Can I apply? ◦ If you recognize yourself as a minority in IT field and have a motivation to change the environment you are in, you are welcome to apply. • I am in Japan but my visa will expire soon. Would Mercari sponsor my visa? ◦ We will need to look into your visa status to give you a concrete answer. In general, however, it might be difficult for us to sponsor as this is an internship program. Build Training Program FAQ
  42. What is Build Internship? As a member of Mercari &

    Merpay development team, interns will take part in developing and/or improving Mercari/Merpay app features. Internship period • August - September 2021 Team (subject to change) • Backend • Frontend • iOS • Android • Machine Learning Number of interns • Approximately 10
  43. Build Internship FAQ • How are team assignments decided? ◦

    Team assignments will be decided based on various factors such as answer on application form, language, the status of engineering team • I work for another company now. Is it possible to do an unpaid internship? ◦ Unfortunately no, as this is a paid internship program. • Will Mercari provide PC? ◦ Yes, we will. However please prepare the Internet environment yourself. • What language is used in the internship? ◦ Either Japanese or English, possibility mixture of them. We will match candidates with appropriate team based on their language ability.
  44. Build Internship FAQ • Can I get a job at

    Mercari after my internship? ◦ You can proceed to hiring new graduates after the internship. However please note that the earliest timing to join would be after 2022. • How much will interns be paid? ◦ In Mercari group, salary for interns, new graduates, and mid-career candidates are all decided based on individual candidates’ experience and skill-sets, thus, hourly wage for interns will be different from person to person.
  45. Q&A

  46. Q&A • If I applied for the regular internship less

    than 6 months ago, would I still be eligible to apply for this program? Also, is this program only for the minorities (e.g., females, LGBT)? ◦ Yes, you can apply to Build@Mercari even if you applied to other positions 6 months ago. This program is for those who consider themselves as minority groups, and is not limited to women and people in LGBT+ only. • Is the Build Training Program also eligible for a fresh graduate without any full-time experience? ◦ Yes, recent graduates without a work experience can also apply. • Are people that completed code bootcamps allowed to participate in the program? ◦ Yes, bootcamp graduates can also apply.
  47. Thank you for coming! We look forward to receiving your

  48. Contact: newgrads@mercari.com