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Secret Diary of an International Secretary

Secret Diary of an International Secretary

I collected all the best practices from my former profession - 11 years as an international secretary at a big strategy consultancy. Here, I will talk about different approaches of improving:
- working in an office
- communication techniques
- efficient computer work
- self organisation and time management
- travel hacks
- and life in general.

Please bring an open mind and the willingness to try out new things

Melanie G. A. PATRICK

March 22, 2018

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  1. Secret Diary of
    an International
    Tricks to make your (working) life easier

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  2. About Melanie

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  3. “Challenge your preconceptions,
    or they will challenge you.”
    Velik – Vulcan scientist

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  6. Problem-focused coping
    Unhelpful coping strategies
    Stress level
    Environmental stress
    Interpersonal stress
    Physical stress
    Work stress
    Emotion-focused coping

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  7. 7
    When you used up your resilience
    Allergies / infections
    Skin problems
    Digestive issues
    Heart palpitations
    Inability to focus
    Tense muscles
    Low energy
    Chronic pain
    Panic / depression
    Sexual dysfunction
    Weight change
    Emotional outbursts
    Behavioral changes

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  8. What is this all about?
    • You will need to invest time and work
    • Change can sometimes be painful
    • No “magic bullet”, no “one size fits all” solution

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  9. The Office (2001)

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  10. 2018-02-07

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  13. SCIF

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  15. Secretary (2002)
    Organize yourself with less pain

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  16. no

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  17. Eisenhower matrix
    Can wait
    Not important
    Do it now Decide / schedule
    Delegate Delete

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  26. Hackers (1995)

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  31. 24:00
    06:00 18:00
    Deepest sleep
    Highest alertness 14:30 Best coordination
    15:30 Fastest reaction time
    17:00 Greatest muscle strength
    21:00 Melatonin secretion starts
    Melatonin secretion stops
    Lowest body temperature 19:00 Highest body temperature
    Circadian rhythm

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  32. Planes, Trains
    & Automobiles (1987)

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  39. Life, the Universe
    and Everything (1982)

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  45. Final Fantasy (1987)

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  46. life

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  47. 42

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