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Rise above the Framework: JSCamp 2018

Rise above the Framework: JSCamp 2018

or: How I learned to love web standards and stop worrying.

Mike Hartington

July 23, 2018

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  1. OR

  2. Web Development used to be "easy" Take some jQuery, add

    a bit of Backbone, and done Need something more hands on? 
 Angular, Knockout, Ember
  3. In a short amount of time, we went from simple

    Script tags, to more advanced MVC-styled application architecture
  4. Then… JSX, Decorators, Template compilation, 
 code splitting, lazy loading,

    CSS preprocessors,
 CSS-In-JS, build tools, configs files…
  5. GLOBAL CSS Can affect any component in the DOM Cascade

    becomes difficult to reason Resets/Overrides become a thing
  6. SHADOW DOM! Isolates component internals CSS is scoped: No more

    global Simplified rules http://bit.ly/2L9fT7R
  7. const header = document.createElement('div'); const shadowRoot = header.attachShadow({ mode: 'open'

    }); shadowRoot.innerHTML = ` <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"> <style> h1 { font-family: "Impact"; } </style> <h1>Hello From Shadow DOM</h1> `; document.body.append(header); https://bit.ly/2L6QVWG
  8. :root { --app-color-red: #ff0011; --app-font-family: "Helvetica" } h1 { color:

    var(--app-color-red); font-family: var(--app-font-family); } https://bit.ly/2L96nBo
  9. REACT 
 class AppRoot extends Component { render() { return(

    <div> <h1>hello world</h1> </div> ) } }
  10. class HelloWorld extends HTMLElement { constructor() { super(); } connectedCallback()

    { this.init(); } init() { this.innerHTML = `<h1>Hello World</h1>`; } } window.customElements.define('hello-world', HelloWorld);