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Creating Daemons with PHP

Creating Daemons with PHP

Michael Cheng

February 26, 2014

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  1. Creating
    Daemons with
    Persistent background tasks in linux

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  2. Long living PHP scripts
    ● Never run them from the browser or from the
    web server.
    ● Browser can time out.
    ● Web server times out.
    ● Solution: Run from the command line on
    the server.

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  3. Old Way
    while (true){

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  4. The Proper Way
    ● Use PHP Process Control extension.
    ● “... implements the Unix style of process
    creation, program execution, signal handling
    and process termination.”
    ● http://sg2.php.net/pcntl
    ● Example: http://sg2.php.net/manual/en/pcntl.

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  5. An Easier Way
    ● Use Clio - Lightweight utility and helper
    classes for PHP CLI applications
    ● https://github.com/nramenta/clio
    ● Example:
    ○ https://github.com/CoderKungfu/php-

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  6. Making the Daemon Service
    Add this to the top:
    And run this command:
    # MyAwesomeDaemon Starts the PHP-Queue runner for BlahDaemon
    # chkconfig: - 91 91
    # description: Runner for blah daemon.
    $ chkconfig --levels 235 BeanstalkSampleDaemon on

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