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Mob Programing: Better Together?

Mob Programing: Better Together?

In this presentations, I explain what mob programming is, some of the benefits, and provide some suggestions for implementation.

Michael Hilton

February 02, 2022

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  1. Hello! I am: An Associate Teaching Professor I teach Software

    Engineering Classes I also do research on SE and education I was a developer for ~10 years
  2. What is Mob Programming All the brilliant people working on

    the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, on the same computer. – Woody Zuill (the discoverer of Mob Programming)
  3. It’s not about getting the MOST out of your team,it’s

    about getting the BEST out of your team
  4. Mob Programming Roles The Driver: “no thinking, just typing” The

    Navigator: the main person programming The Mob: Checking the navigator, Contributing insights, Getting ready to rotate The Facilitator: Help guide the mob (optional)
  5. Point p = new Point(10, 20); public int What should

    you do next? public Point(int x, int y) { } Consume First Example
  6. Point p = new Point(10, 20); public int What should

    you do next? assert ( p, …); Consume First Example (Better?)
  7. Consideration We show consideration by listening. The Driver should be

    listening to the Navigator The Navigator should be listening to be Mob.
  8. Respect “We always assume that the person who wrote the

    code before us did the best they could with the knowledge and circumstances they were in at the time they wrote it”
  9. Mob Programming in Education Online Mob Programming, Developed as a

    way to bring benefits of Mob Programming into the classroom Observations: - The structure of Mob Programming was helpful - Reflection was more helpful for learning than just discussion https://repository.isls.org/bitstream/1/4532/1/855-856.pdf Takeaway: Retrospectives offer improvement AND Learning for the team
  10. Mobs as a tool for inclusivity? Sal describes her experiences

    participating in a mob from the perspective of someone diagnosed with autism Mobbing was remote, and the freedom to tailor the physical environment was very helpful Structured roles can be very helpful for neurodivergent team member(s) https://cucumber.io/blog/bdd/inclusive-benefits-of-mob-programming/