Reactive Transactions Masterclass

Reactive Transactions Masterclass

Joined talk with Mark Paluch (, at Devoxx 2019.

How are reactive transactions supposed to work in a non-blocking, reactive application? Spring draws with its reactive transaction manager a new, strong primitive in the picture of reactive systems.

We will deeply dive into Reactive Relational Database Connectivity, the reactive specification for SQL database access and into Neo4j 4 that comes with a reactive database client. We will walk through the access of strictly transactional data sources while embracing reactive and non-blocking properties.

This highly technical Deep Dive session will visit reactive patterns for potentially highly concurrent applications that are no longer opinionated about threading.

Come to this session and learn how to set up and use transactions in a reactive application. We will present R2DBC and Neo4j examples and are open for questions, comments, and discussion.


Michael Simons

November 05, 2019