'ProTalking' your way into Open Source

01da6d807a29ad6d49801c0157518148?s=47 Michelle Sanver
September 14, 2013

'ProTalking' your way into Open Source

So, you want to join the open source party, but you're not used to every man and his dog looking at your code. You keep putting it off, you don't know anyone involved in the project, you might be a burden...
If you want to get involved but keep talking yourself out of it, let me show you how to take that first step. I'll cover the mechanics of contributing, from saying hello and installing the project to selecting a bug, your first pull request and code review.
I recently joined my first open source project - ProTalk. Come along and let me ProTalk you into Open Source.


Michelle Sanver

September 14, 2013