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Starting Open S

Michelle Sanver
February 17, 2017

Starting Open S

Michelle Sanver

February 17, 2017


  1. @michellesanver Starting Open Source How to make your first contribution

  2. @michellesanver

  3. @michellesanver WIIIIIIIE \o/ “Learn the most by sharing your knowledge

    with others” - @coderabbi
  4. @michellesanver Why Open Source? “The promise of open source is

    better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in.” - opensource.org
  5. @michellesanver Better Quality

  6. @michellesanver Higher Reliability

  7. @michellesanver More Flexibility

  8. @michellesanver Lower Cost

  9. @michellesanver End to predatory vendor lock-in

  10. @michellesanver Convinced Yet?

  11. @michellesanver How many of you saw the keynote this morning?

  12. @michellesanver To keep you entertained Count the song references.

  13. @michellesanver Contributing to Open Source In 10 steps

  14. @michellesanver Step 1: Choose The Project

  15. @michellesanver Be passionate about it Step 1: Choose the project

  16. @michellesanver What are your ‘friends’ doing? Step 1: Choose the

  17. @michellesanver

  18. @michellesanver Activity Step 1: Choose the project

  19. @michellesanver Your Skills Step 1: Choose the project

  20. @michellesanver Step 1: Choose the project

  21. @michellesanver Step 1: Choose the project Ready to change the

    world? https://www.codemontage.com {code} montage empowers coders to improve their impact on the world.
  22. @michellesanver Erm.. License? Step 1: Choose the project

  23. @michellesanver Step 2: Install The Project

  24. @michellesanver Step 2: Install The Project Body Text

  25. Do you like vagrant now? @michellesanver

  26. @michellesanver Step 3: Investigation

  27. @michellesanver Step 4: Hiiiii! :)

  28. @michellesanver Step 4: Hiiiii! :) Observe the responses (Should I

    stay, or should I go?)
  29. @michellesanver Step 5: What can I do?

  30. @michellesanver Step 5: What can I do? It’s not your

    project. (But nothing stops you from branching...)
  31. @michellesanver Communicate! In open source - Communication is key

  32. @michellesanver Step 6: How...?

  33. @michellesanver Step 6: How…? Read The Guidelines

  34. @michellesanver Step 6: How…? It’s “just” code.

  35. @michellesanver Step 6: How…? If that scares you...

  36. @michellesanver Step 6: How…? It’s private, for now. (If you

    want it to be)
  37. @michellesanver Step 7: Just do it

  38. @michellesanver Step 7: Just do it Commit often $ git

    commit -m 'Michelle will be pleased <3'
  39. @michellesanver Step 7: Just do it Possibly squash your commits

  40. @michellesanver Step 7: Just do it Learn Git http://try.github.io http://gitimmersion.com

  41. @michellesanver Step 8: Push it (Just push it push it)

  42. @michellesanver Step 8: Push it (push it real good) $

    git push
  43. @michellesanver Step 9: The pull request

  44. @michellesanver Step 9: The pull request Time to show the

    world (Except those poor sods without Internet)
  45. @michellesanver Step 9: The pull request Don’t worry (Be happy)

  46. @michellesanver Step 9: The pull request It’s just a button

    (And a form...)
  47. @michellesanver

  48. @michellesanver Step 10: Code review

  49. @michellesanver It’s constructive criticism Step 10: Code review

  50. @michellesanver Step 10: Code review Correct or discuss. You learn

    so much!
  51. @michellesanver And if there’s trolls... Step 10: Code review

  52. @michellesanver Trolls can be cute too! Trolls can be cute

  53. You did it @michellesanver

  54. @michellesanver How many song references did you count?

  55. @michellesanver Starting Open Source

  56. @michellesanver Mentoring in the PHP community

  57. @michellesanver Who I was

  58. @michellesanver

  59. @michellesanver If I got enough nutritional value from code… I

    would eat that and nothing else. Who I was
  60. @michellesanver But I would never share my food. Who I

  61. @michellesanver Because if I would… Who I was

  62. @michellesanver Higher Reliability @michellesanver #CommunityWorks

  63. @michellesanver Made websites under a nickname… Who I was

  64. @michellesanver No portfolio: Unemployable Who I was

  65. @michellesanver So… I started my own company! (Unsuccessfully) Who I

  66. @michellesanver I had *NO* code confidence Who I was

  67. @michellesanver Why I wanted to contribute

  68. @michellesanver I felt ashamed for *not* doing it

  69. @michellesanver I found a cool project, I wanted to help

    them improve.
  70. @michellesanver Obstacles

  71. @michellesanver - Davey Shafik “I feared that I really had

    no clue what I was doing and people were going to make fun of me, and I also didn’t know what to do!”

  72. @michellesanver - Lorna Mitchell “Honestly, I just didn't realise my

    efforts would be useful or welcome.“
  73. @michellesanver - Eli White “I was trying to convince NASA,

    who I worked for. To allow me to open source some projects I'd created there. And failed.”
  74. @michellesanver My Obstacles Technology & Fear of public ridicule

  75. @michellesanver

  76. @michellesanver Conferences Obstacles: The fear http://joind.in http://callingallpapers.com http://php.net/conferences

  77. @michellesanver Usergroups Obstacles: The fear https://www.meetup.com/Zurich-Drupal-Meetup

  78. @michellesanver Obstacles: The fear IRC & Slack #phpc #phpmentoring http://freenode.net

  79. @michellesanver Body Text Mentoring http://phpmentoring.org Matthew Turland @elazar

  80. @michellesanver Body Text Mentoring Rafael Dohms @rdohms & Davey Shafik

  81. @michellesanver Body Text Mentoring Igor Wiedler

  82. @michellesanver Mentoring http://phpmentoring.org Get a mentor… Or 5

  83. @michellesanver

  84. @michellesanver Who I am now Still code passionate

  85. @michellesanver

  86. @michellesanver Who I am now A conference addict and speaker

  87. @michellesanver Who I am now Still afraid to contribute

  88. @michellesanver Who I am now Ran a *successful* company

  89. @michellesanver Who I am now

  90. @michellesanver Thank you. #CommunityWorks