Frontend Security - Frontend Conf Zurich: 2013-08-30

Frontend Security - Frontend Conf Zurich: 2013-08-30

As the web platform grows in capability, we're moving more and more of our complex application logic down from the server to the client. This is a huge opportunity for frontend developers, but at the same time presents a tempting target for folks with malicious intent. It's more critical than ever to ensure that we're doing the right things with regard to security. Server-side best practice is well-understood: escape all output correctly, all the time. Given the number of successful content injection attacks seen in the wild, this obviously isn't as easy as it sounds.

Modern browsers are here to help. Here, we'll talk about some browser-side mechanisms like Content Security Policy that will deepen your defenses, and help mitigate the effects of cross-site scripting and other attacks.


Mike West

August 30, 2013