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RailsConf 2016: Client/Server Architecture: Past, Present, & Future

RailsConf 2016: Client/Server Architecture: Past, Present, & Future

The client/server architecture that powers much of the web is evolving. Full stack, monolithic, apps are becoming a thing of the past as new requirements have forced us to think differently about how we build apps. New client/server architectures create a clear separation of concerns between the server and the client.

As developers, we have the ability to create the new abstractions that will power the web. Understanding the past, present, and future of the client/server help us to become more active participants in the future ecosystem for building web applications.


Mike Groseclose

May 06, 2016

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  11. Face Swap With Chris

  12. Airplane Traveling to RailsConf

  13. Losing Money In Vegas While Changing Planes

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  15. Part I: The Majestic Monolith

  16. Majestic monoliths! A whole system that addresses an entire problem.

    —The Rails Doctrine Presentation Layer Database Integration Business Logic
  17. Pros / Cons For Your Consideration

  18. Team Structure

  19. Team Structure organizations which design systems ... are constrained to

    produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations — M. Conway
  20. Development Complexity (Monolith Pros)

  21. single codebase to work in speed of jumping around the

    application easier to refactor functionality between services code gives you a view of the entire system easier to reason about (for smaller applications) simplier architecture (for smaller applications) consistency across the codebase great for small teams Development Complexity (Monolith Pros)
  22. more merge conflicts (as your team grows) codebase complexity (for

    larger applications) harder to reason about (for larger applications) Development Complexity (Monolith Cons)
  23. Face Swap w/ Statue

  24. Face Swap w/ Statue

  25. Face Swap w/ Mimi

  26. Systems Scalability

  27. Systems Scalability

  28. Systems Scalability

  29. Systems Scalability

  30. Systems Scalability

  31. Client / Server Flow

  32. Take me to website User Client Server Take me to

    website Process Request Return Response Sends Request Client Loads State Click Process Request Return Response Sends Request Client Loads State View View
  33. Mobile

  34. None
  35. None
  36. None
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  38. client code server

  39. Client Static Content Static Asset Server Web Server Router API

    Server Web Server Router Controller Serializable Model
  40. Client Static Asset Server API Server UX / UI Data

    & Business Logic
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  42. Face Swap With Rob & Nathan

  43. Part II: The Client

  44. JavaScript

  45. Transpiling

  46. Transpiling (Is Magical)

  47. Transpiling (Magic)

  48. Transpiling (Magic)

  49. JS Frameworks

  50. Angular / Angular 2 (beta)

  51. Ember

  52. React

  53. Redux React + Redux

  54. Redux Lore lodash

  55. Face Swap With Alex

  56. Face Swap With Yehuda

  57. Deployment

  58. Deployment Gulp + AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) + Note:

    Some “hacks” required to get urls to work without using hashbang URLs (for single page apps) https://example.com.com/#!/home
  59. $ git checkout -b gh-pages $ git push origin HEAD

    gh-pages Deployment Note: Some “hacks” required to get urls to work without using hashbang URLs (for single page apps) gh-pages does not currently support https for custom domains.
  60. $ npm install —global surge $ surge <project-path> surge.sh Deployment

  61. Convergence of Native & Web

  62. Tools: Cordova - “Target multiple platforms with one code base”

    Ionic 2 - “develop once, deploy everywhere.” React Native - “learn once, write anywhere.” Convergence of Native & Web
  63. Why isn’t everyone doing this? Performance (?) Convergence of Native

    & Web
  64. Convergence of Native & Web Why? Remove specialization required to

    build native apps Consistency in experience across platforms Shared components and code across platforms Performance becoming less and less an issue
  65. None
  66. JavaScript Fatigue

  67. interface churn modularity frustration JavaScript Fatigue

  68. You don’t need to live on the cutting edge. Use

    Semantic Versioning (SemVer) • MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH • MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes, • MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner, and • PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes. Lock Dependancies (if using npm) Avoiding JavaScript Fatigue
  69. Client Summary

  70. Client Summary Client is about creating human experiences. Need tech

    to get out of the way. Some growing pains. Choices can be a good thing. Things still feel very modular, which has a cost (less opinions)
  71. Face Swap With Alex

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  75. Face Swap With Alex

  76. Face Swap With Justin @ Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que

  77. Face Swap With Colin @ Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que

  78. Part III: The Server

  79. Monolithic APIs

  80. Same pro’s of the monolith. + Clear separation of client/server

    concerns. Monolithic APIs
  81. Rails API • lighter weight rails app • logging •

    param parsing • resource routing • caching • convention over configuration • Gems (devise, JWT, jsonapi-resources, rack- cors, versionist) Monolithic APIs $ rails new <projectname> —api gh-pages
  82. Scaling A Monolithic API

  83. Microservices

  84. Microservice architecture are about scale. Microservices are an optimization technique.

    Start with the monolithic API (or as few micro services as possible) to ensure service boundaries are defined correctly. interface churn modularity frustration Microservices
  85. Potential Microservices Pitfalls

  86. Interfaces are harder to refactor Tools & Sharing code between

    services Dependancies on other microservices Latency between systems now a concern DevOps & System support becomes critical Monitoring & Debug Build and forget (more likely to build and then move on) Potential Microservices Pitfalls
  87. Scaling Your Application With Microservices

  88. Scaling With Microservices Models Defined by Bounded Contexts Bounded Contexts

    - The conditions under which a particular model is defined and applicable. - Domain Driven Design - Eric Evans
  89. Scaling With Microservices

  90. Scaling With Microservices Be of the web, not behind the

    web - Ian Robinson
  91. Scaling With Microservices

  92. Scaling With Microservices Atomic Services Consumer

  93. Scaling With Microservices Atomic Services Data Denormalization Tier Consumer

  94. Scaling With Microservices Atomic Services Composition Services Data Denormalization Tier

  95. Scaling Teams With Microservices

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  97. Face Swap With Twins

  98. Face Swap With Twins

  99. The Future

  100. The Future

  101. Face Swap With @searls

  102. The Future

  103. Put a dent in the universe. — David Heinemeier Hansson

  104. Thank You! Mike Groseclose @mikrofusion