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My speaking experience

March 02, 2019

My speaking experience

A presentation I did on Global CFP diversity day, sharing my experience


March 02, 2019

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  1. My Speaking Experience
    Milda Glebauskaitė
    [email protected] [email protected]

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  2. 2018 05
    2017 06
    2016 01
    Found Programing
    Joined Wix
    My timeline

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  3. Since then..
    ▪ 3 conferences
    ▪ 6 meetups
    ▪ Lithuania, Latvia, Israel

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  4. Why did I start?

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  5. Why did I start?
    That guy made me to.

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  6. Writing tests when the
    code is already there:
    Golden Master

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  10. Scary? Yes
    But definitely worth it

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  11. My favourite outcomes
    ▪ Meeting people
    ▪ Participating in conferences as visitor
    ▪ Learning while preparing
    ▪ It’s good to share
    ▪ It’s just fun

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  12. Thank you!
    Any questions?

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