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オブジェクト型(Developer Conference 2018より)

4D Japan
January 04, 2019

オブジェクト型(Developer Conference 2018より)

4D Japan

January 04, 2019

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  1. 4D Write Pro 4 ⽅法 Four Different ways to Use

    Objects with 4D Write Pro! https://blog.4d.com/four-different-ways-to-use-objects-with-4d-write-pro/
  2. OB SET 特殊性 •OB SET ($myObject ; "code" ; 1)

    変数 •OB SET (myGetObject() ; "code" ; 1) 値 reference reference OB SET 新規 $myObject.code:=1
  3. Null Undefined Undefined 存4 Undefined Null 存4 値 知 C_OBJECT,

    C_COLLECTION C_POINTER Null • : Undefined Null Undefined • If (a.b = Null) Null 状態 値 ,数
  4. 未定義 怖 良 理由 Don’t be Afraid of Undefined Values

  5. Non-JSON znƒ BLOB# Integer# Date# 16R6 String type with time

    zone:1 String type without time zone:0 Date type:2 !2018-10-22! "2018-10-22" "2018-10-21T15:00:00.000Z" "2018-10-22T00:00:00.000Z" Stringify:
  6. Non-JSON znƒ BLOB# Integer# Date# 16R6 Time# v17 Pointer# Stringify:

    Image# Stringify: [object Picture] ORDA# Stringify: [object DataStore] [object Entity] [object EntityCollection] Write Pro View Pro# Stringify:
  7. 配列 એݴͱఆٛ ARRAY TEXT($arr;n) C_COLLECTION($col) $col:=New collection λΠϓ ⼀律 混4

    ୅ೖ $arr{$i}:="hello" $col[$i]:="hello" αΠζ Size of array($arr) $col.length ఴࣈ 0 ·ͨ͸ 1 ͔ΒSize of array ·Ͱ 0 length-1 C_COLLECTION
  8. Inspired copy concat combine count clear query reduce orderByMethod pop

    remove push sum sort unshift some slice reverse shift resize map join min max orderBy lastIndexOf indices indexOf find filter insert findIndex extract every distinct equal fill countValues average
  9. 追加# 削除# 並 替 # 計算# ⽐較# 複製 挿⼊# 検索#

    取 出 # ⽂字列変換# Inspired extract map some every indices indexOf find filter query join Split string copy concat combine slice distinct equal count sum average min max reduce orderBy orderByMethod sort reverse pop shift remove clear push insert unshift resize fill countValues lastIndexOf findIndex
  10. For each = For each ($element;$collection) MESSAGE($element) End for each

    For ($i;0;$collection.length-1) MESSAGE($collection[$i]) End for