Office Worker Needs Natural Ambient

Af3a4a32e6aa938a6b8f374509c86848?s=47 Maria Molfino
February 28, 2013

Office Worker Needs Natural Ambient


Maria Molfino

February 28, 2013


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    Team EBB Eazy Breezy Beautiful Luke Dahl Maria Molfino Cassidy

    Saenz Jonathan (Jasper) Sherman-Presser An urban office worker who doesn't work at Google Tel Aviv needs to feel surprised and delighted by 'natural' ambient sensations because the office environment feels stagnant and artificial.
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    Office SNS "designed": control & predictability of ambient stimuli STRESS

    anxiety stagnation restlessness Stress Model Nature PNS RELAXATION calm engaged restful "not designed": rhythms & patterns of ambient stimuli the senses
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    Trends and Insights Architecture & design have principles of "biophilia"

    and "biomimicry" Several home products related to ambience, less for office *"productive" space, not to be too comfortable. Office technologies generally are all or very little *Google Tel Aviv offices vs. a small "living wall" somewhere in an office Research insights: Viewing nature is literally [scientifically] a pleasurable + relaxing experience *fractal patterns "wakefully relaxed" *natural light better mood *views of prospect + refuge pleasing (Hagerhall, 2008) Stress Relief: No Nature <= Artificial Nature <<<< Actual Nature (Kahn, 2011)
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    Opportunity & Intriguing Questions How might we ...introduce continual, 'natural'

    variation in sensory stimuli in office environments? ...create a portable product that allows office workers to bring a bit of the natural environment with them regardless of the office space they're in? ...explore the sense of touch in creating a relaxing environment?