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IBM Developer Advocates - Proposals and Beyond - Presentation Help Workshop

IBM Developer Advocates - Proposals and Beyond - Presentation Help Workshop

Maureen McElaney

March 29, 2019

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  1. Today we’ll go over: 1 - Finding a Topic Finding

    a topic that fits you and your interests. 2 - Your Audience Thinking about your audience before writing your proposal. 3 - Themes/Narratives Finding themes and narratives for your talk. 4 - Getting Started How to write a proposal that is ready for calls for proposals (CfPs) and calls for speakers. 5 - Where to Submit Finding places to submit your proposal to. 2
  2. Brainstorming Talk Ideas ◉ What are you actively learning? ◉

    What books are you reading? ◉ Whose work do you admire? ◉ What are you good at? ◉ What problem have you solved at work? ◉ Where do you want to go next in your career? 5
  3. Being a Developer Advocate is as much about building your

    own personal brand as it is about representing IBM out in the community. 6
  4. Theme The subject of a talk, a piece of writing,

    a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic. The difference between a Theme and Narrative Narrative A spoken or written account of connected events, a story. 12
  5. “ Your talk proposal should start with a big, eye

    catching idea (Theme) and then go on to tell your audience what they will learn (Narrative) from your talk. 14
  6. Getting Started How to write a proposal that’s ready to

    submit to CfPs and calls for speakers 4 15
  7. Abstract Example #1 TITLE: Learning HTTP HTTP is the fabric

    of the web and the growing API economy. Whether you're building a backend or a frontend application, creating an API, or consuming an API, it’s helpful to understand the basics of HTTP. Topics covered will include HTTP methods, request headers, request URIs, response status codes, response headers, resource representations, authentication, content negotiation, and caching. Interactive examples will be provided using an HTTP REPL (read–eval–print loop) as the client and Apache CouchDB or IBM Cloudant as the server. 17
  8. Abstract Example #2 Title: Go Offline First to Save the

    World From supporting hospitals in Africa to providing electric power to Haiti to supporting families in rural Alaska, the Offline First approach to application development is truly saving the world. This session will uncover the approaches used in successful real world examples of Offline First and show you the tools and techniques that will allow you to build the same kinds of things. 18
  9. Abstract Example #3 Title: Introducing Apache CouchDB 2.0 Apache CouchDB

    is an open source document database featuring an HTTP API, JSON documents, and peer-to-peer replication. Take a tour of the new features and improvements in the newly-released Apache CouchDB 2.0 including clustering capabilities for horizontal scalability and a declarative MongoDB-style ad hoc querying system. 19
  10. Abstract Example #4 Title: Love to Community Organizers An active

    tech community creates a vital pipeline of talented and connected people, which ultimately supports individuals with learning opportunities and businesses with talent. Being a tech community organizer is hard. I want to share with you some tips on how to work with organizers in your community. If you do it right, you can both benefit, and in turn your local tech ecosystem can benefit as well. The first step… buy your local community organizer a beer with no strings attached. They’ve earned it. 20
  11. Dos and Don’ts 21 Do! ◉ Keep it to a

    paragraph or two (at most) in length ◉ Start with a memorable anecdote ◉ Say what your audience will learn/take away ◉ Indicate WHO will benefit Don’t! ◉ Start with “In this talk…” ◉ Use acronyms ◉ Use long words ◉ Use run-on sentences ◉ Be too salesy ◉ Name drop
  12. Look for an Enforceable Code of Conduct Does it provide

    a system for reporting to staff? Does it outline unacceptable behavior? Does it provide clear consequences? 23
  13. Thanks to Susan Malaika A list and tips that work

    for IBMers: https://ibm.ent.box.com/notes/309189487943?s= wnqu3vfolhxrjj6a0pvhfp26eafaxvah 25
  14. Ongoing Help for IBMers Join the Slack Channel: #presentation-help ◉

    Weekly Office Hours on Thursdays at 12pm Eastern ◉ Practice your talk in front of a live audience ◉ Get feedback on your abstract ◉ Ask questions and get real world answers 26