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Sustainable Speed

Sustainable Speed

This talk is about how we approach Engineering at Vinted. Sustainable speed is a crucial element of our approach.

Everyone values speed. Fast is better than slow. At Vinted, we value speed too. But we recognize the differences between short-term speed and long-term speed. Instead of a short-term burst, we want to be sustainably fast.

Mindaugas Mozūras

November 13, 2019

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  1. Sustainable Speed


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  4. • Changes • Speed • Sustainable

  5. Changes

  6. 2nd-hand fashion 1st choice

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  8. sell fast feel safe vast selection lower prices fast delivery

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  10. Speed

  11. Move fast and break things?

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  14. Sustainable

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  16. Culture Practices Growth

  17. Culture Practices Growth

  18. None
  19. Performance Trust/Collaboration

  20. Try-out for culture

  21. Try-out for culture Approach disagreement with curiosity, empathy, humility and

    the goal of a stronger solution.
  22. Try-out for culture Build an atmosphere where my team communicates

    openly with each other without fear.
  23. Growth Culture Practices

  24. Objectives & Key Results

  25. Lean software development

  26. Eliminate waste Amplify learning Decide as late as possible Deliver

    as fast as possible Empower the team Build integrity in Optimize the whole
  27. Choose boring technology

  28. Deploys: 100s of backend/web

  29. Deploys vs. releases

  30. Releases: ab tests | feature switches

  31. Practices Culture Growth

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  35. try-out

  36. juniors

  37. • Changes • Speed • Sustainable

  38. Sustainable Speed