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Beanstalk Data - MongoDB In Production Chris Siefken, CTO Beanstalk Data

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August 16, 2012

Beanstalk Data - MongoDB In Production Chris Siefken, CTO Beanstalk Data

Beanstalk Data is a pioneer in creating an integrated marketing automation process utilizing essential marketing data tools including Contact Management, E-mail, Direct Mail, Personalized URLs, Tracking and Scheduling to get better results for your business. Only Beanstalk offers this level of expertise leveraging leading-edge technology to increase the return on marketing investment.



August 16, 2012


  1. Beanstalk Data Production Mongo DB

  2. Our Set Up. 4 Sharded Servers Mongo as Slave Collection

    design Access with .Net Access with PHP
  3. Examples of some stuff. Data Collection Design Map Reduce Results

    Queries A few examples. Map Reduce Functions Using PHP to map reduce with Cron jobs
  4. Sample Collection The exciting part about Mongo DB for us:

    Custom Fields or Semi structured data.
  5. Live data migration from SQL. Watch us move thousands of

    rows to SQL live in seconds.
  6. Now map and reduce See the results of our live

    map reduce.
  7. Framous.com Demo 100% Mongo DB Schema Design

  8. Questions?

  9. Contact @beanstalkdata @siefkencp @torgnybjers @imvaibhavmehta