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I Enjoyed First English LT @ RedDotRubyConf

I Enjoyed First English LT @ RedDotRubyConf

#rdrc2016 #roppongirb #m3techtalk #m3tech



July 15, 2016

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  1. I Enjoyed First English LT @ RedDotRubyConf Japanese: @zyunnosuke English:

  2. Who are you? • Twitter • Japanese: @zyunnosuke • English:

    @morizyune • Ruby & Java Engineer • Working at M3 Inc.
  3. I’m a Blogger! • Japanese: https://morizyun.github.io/ • English: http://blog.morizyun.com/

  4. None
  5. Why attend the conference? http://blog.best-teacher-inc.com/engineer.html

  6. Meet People & Make Friends! #kopijs (kopi = coffee)

  7. Schedule • March: Prepared the “Call for proposal” • April:

    Accepted my proposal • May: Practicing English • June: Practicing the presentation
  8. Asked my friend or co-worker to review the “Call for

    proposal” & presentation!
  9. Learning English • Please check this out! https://speakerdeck.com/morizyun/ying-yu-deguang-garurubyfalseshi-jie

  10. Lightning Talk http://blog.morizyun.com/posts/ruby-blogging-benefit-lighting-talk-red-dot-ruby-conf

  11. Great Merits of Speaking in 
 a Conference!

  12. Making Jokes helps you better understand another culture. https://speakerdeck.com/juanitofatas/twemoji-3-dot-0-in-the-making-and- announcement-beyond-sg50

    by @JuanitoFatas
  13. Singlish Please take him to xxx(address). So, where do you

    want to go?
  14. Don't worry about mistakes. Just try to speak more!

  15. Next up is I would like to submit CFP for

    Taiwan conference in December!
  16. Thank you!ҵ(^o^)҈