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Learning Through Blogging: Ruby Blogging Benefits

Learning Through Blogging: Ruby Blogging Benefits

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June 24, 2016

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  1. Who am I? • Kenji Mori (@morizyune) • Ruby Programmer

    4+ years • Japanese Tech Blogger • https://morizyun.github.io/
  2. Working at M3 Inc,. • We are hiring! => http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/

  3. Started career & blog in 2012 • Part-time web programmer

    in Jan. 2012 • Tech Blog(https://morizyun.github.io/) in Nov. 2012
  4. Current • 2.4+ million page views from 2012 • 1-2

    messages from companies / month • Lead Tech Engineer at M3(work) • Glad to talk here now!(Conference LT Speaker)
  5. Perseverance Pays Dividends! • Japanese Proverb • Three years on

    a cold stone will make the stone warm. • Updating my blog for 3+ years made me well known in the Japanese Ruby Community.
  6. Blog as Your Sales Tool • Blog => Sales Tool.

    Helps you and others. • Local Memo => Private Tool. Helps only you.
  7. • 1) Imagine a keyword which you fill in Google:

    • Someone who has a problem will read my blog, so try to help him/her by my blog! • 2) Summarise information which you collect: • If I collect some information for a topic to solve a problem, another engineer may need the information too. Summarizing information is useful for everyone. How to Increase Page View?
  8. Teaching = Learning • One of the best learning methods

    is to teach other people • Teaching by presentations, teaching by blogging • Expecting to teach enhances learning and organization of knowledge in free recall of text passages => http://psych.wustl.edu/memory/nestojko.html
  9. Workshop with coworkers • 5 min "Lighting Talk" per week

    in workplace • You can present your blog articles
  10. Finding Your Best Style • Find your output style with

    which you match! • Writing a tech blog • Making a presentation • Contributing OSS • etc...