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Challenges at Kiwi.com: Connecting hundreds

Challenges at Kiwi.com: Connecting hundreds

Tin Markovič (Booking Backend team leader at Kiwi.com) @ Brno-Moscow Python Meetup 2

"What is Kiwi.com? Why is engineering so important to a travel agency? How do we solve our problems? Tin will answer these questions and more when he explains the methodology of this budding techno-travel giant. We'll look at the problems of growing at breakneck speed, the advantages of being in a friendly environment and the challenges that make it all exciting".

Video: http://www.moscowpython.ru/meetup/2/kiwi-challenges/

Moscow Python Meetup

December 05, 2018

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  1. Tin Marković, Senior Software Eng
    Challenges at Kiwi.com
    Connecting hundreds

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  2. 2
    Introduction and Overview

    How does Kiwi.com work

    Who are we? Why are we here?

    What are our daily problems

    Our daily challenges

    Assets and the work we do

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  3. 3


    Team Leader at Kiwi.com

    Software Architecture as passion

    Experiences working big projects (edX, Texas U, Kiwi)

    Where do I fit in the Kiwi picture?

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  4. 4
    Company: Kiwi.com

    Making travel better

    Our vision is to make travelling simple and
    accessible to everyone

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  5. 5
    Kiwi.com and Python

    We develop using mainly Python

    Startup beginnings (and present)

    Adaptability and quick scaling

    Try. Fail. Learn.


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  6. 6
    The Problems

    Our scale is enormous with worldwide scope

    We need better standards

    Our environment changes often

    Growing pains of a huge company

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  7. 7
    The Problems II

    Python lets us move rapidly, but...


    Type security

    Dictionaries: mutable, dynamic, nested

    There's more than one way to do it

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  8. 8
    The Challenges

    Speed of delivery

    Changes have to come weekly and daily

    Downtime is unacceptable

    Dozens of bookings a minute

    Making travel better

    Customer experience: reliable and verbose

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  9. 9
    The Assets

    Great Tooling

    Continuous Integration & Source Control

    Process, but measured

    Code review, trainings and education budget

    Safety nets

    Blameless, failures are expected

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  10. 10
    The Assets II


    PyLint, mypy, Coala, SonarQube


    Sentry, Pagerduty, Datadog, Kibana logs

    More? → Refactoring in Python (PyConf

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  11. 11
    The Work

    What do I do?

    The Bag Man, Mambo

    Precise, when it can be

    A lot of obscurity and vague rules

    Visible impacts

    Conversion rate, consumer satisfaction

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  12. 12
    The Work II

    Booking → Monolith

    Scrape off part by part — services separated

    From: Method/Function oriented approach

    To: Resource/Item oriented approach (OOP!)

    REST-ish → Swagger/OpenAPI + Connexion

    Doing it right, but mindful of business needs

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  13. 13
    The Work III


    Mapping the processes

    Edge cases and their validity

    History of code

    Issues with service split:

    Edge cases get reimplemented

    Hereditary implementation - undocumented

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  14. 14
    The Work IV

    Splitting services - summation:

    Mapped processes invalidate edge cases

    System can be forced into a stronger model

    Operation based API doesnt scale: focus on resources

    Stricter validation with Python: scheme everything

    Use modules generously: encapsulate everything
    shared and share business logic through all services

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    You can find me at [email protected]

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