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Managing University based GDGs

Managing University based GDGs

This presentation gives an overview of what to expect in University Communities with GDGs, and how to manage them.

Moyinoluwa Adeyemi

May 27, 2015

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  1. • The GDG has a home • High concentration of

    Engineering students • Interconnected community • Access to facilities • Young members Benefits of University based GDGs
  2. Challenges faced by University based GDGs • Average membership span

    ~ 4 years • Disparity in skill/ experience level • School calendar • Clashes with GSA programs • Low female participation*
  3. What has worked so far... • Catching members young •

    Pairing members up • Being (really) flexible • Collaboration • Getting a diversity lead
  4. Problems with University authorities? • Introduce yourself • Give back.

    Build something. • Register as a club • Get a Patron
  5. GDG Other tips • It’s okay to start small. •

    Make your members feel involved. • Identify the skill-set of your members • Start the “thematic lead” concept (adopted from GDG Nairobi and GDG Kimathi University)
  6. GDG You are not clear about _________________________________ I missed out

    ____________________________________________ You have a better solution for ___________________________ Your turn!
  7. • Kenneth Kinyanjui - Kenya Country Mentor (GDG Kimathi University)

    No members of GDG OAU were harmed during the creation of this presentation. Credits