A Tour of Functional Structures via Scodec and Simulacrum

A Tour of Functional Structures via Scodec and Simulacrum

Of the major functional type classes, functor and monad garner the most attention, with applicative functors a close runner up. There are many more type classes which are less known -- invariant and contravariant functors, monoidal functors, invariant monads, etc. In this talk, we'll tour a variety of type classes, including the big three (functors, applicatives, and monads) as well as some lesser known ones, by looking at practical examples of their use in the scodec library. We'll also look at how these type classes can be encoded in Scala using the Simulacrum type class support library.

Presented at Scala By The Bay on August 14, 2015


Michael Pilquist

August 14, 2015