Practical Binary with Scodec and Shapeless

C9ab1175a6981a2f67ce8d08aa17c15a?s=47 Michael Pilquist
September 21, 2015

Practical Binary with Scodec and Shapeless

The Shapeless library provides generic programming facilities for Scala. It does this by employing various techniques and language features, including singleton types, implicit witness proofs, path dependent types, and refinement types.

In this talk, we’ll look at how Shapeless is used in scodec to support conversion of binary data to Scala objects and vice versa. It will provide a brief overview of Shapeless HLists and Coproducts, as well as records and unions, and show how these pieces are used in something as mundane as binary encoding and decoding.

Presented at Scala World 2015 in Penrith, UK.


Michael Pilquist

September 21, 2015