Get Hip with Java Hipster - JavaOne 2017

Get Hip with Java Hipster - JavaOne 2017

Building a modern web application requires a lot of tools, frameworks, and techniques. This session shows how JHipster unites popular frameworks such as Angular, Spring Boot, and Bootstrap. Learn how Yeoman, a scaffolding tool for modern web apps, works with JHipster to generate a project that uses Java 8, SQL or NoSQL databases, Spring profiles, Maven or Gradle, Webpack, WebSockets, and BrowserSync. It also supports a number of different authentication mechanisms, including classic session-based auth, OAuth 2.0, and JWT-based authentication. For production deployments, JHipster includes out-of-the-box support for AWS, Cloud Foundry, Heroku, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Source code from demo:


Matt Raible

October 03, 2017