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What's Next for Kubernetes

Bob Killen
October 12, 2021

What's Next for Kubernetes

Google Cloud NEXT 2021

In the beginning, Kubernetes aimed to provide users around the world with the tools to run their applications at scale. Google and the Kubernetes community created a shared vision for a platform with the flexibility to grow and shift, serving the needs of many different business types. While engineers work within the contributor community to develop new capabilities, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) has grown accordingly in the areas of multi-cluster deployments, improvements to support batch AI, machine learning workloads, and much more. Watch and learn about the latest features coming to the Kubernetes project that can help scale operations.


Bob Killen

October 12, 2021

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  1. June Kubernetes announced and open sourced at Dockercon 2014 2015

    2019 2016 2018 2020 2021 July Kubernetes 1.0 Released & donated to the CNCF August GKE launched as first commercial Kubernetes offering January Core Workloads go GA in 1.9 Release March Kubernetes is the first project to graduate to stable in the CNCF July Google Cloud Services Platform launched April Google Anthos Launched September Custom Resources go GA in the 1.16 Release August Kubernetes support window extended to 1 year in the 1.19 release
  2. Why multi-cluster? Security Maximize security by restricting access at the

    cluster level and only advertise select services across clusters. Resiliency Ensure application and service availability by spreading the load across multiple clusters. Scalability Scale components or burst to the cloud to meet the demands of your application. Latency Deploy your apps globally to minimize latency and improving the user experience.
  3. Current state us-west us-east API Gateway API Gateway Business Logic

    Business Logic Cache Database Load Balancer Load Balancer Load Balancer Global Load Balancer Multi-Cluster systems are complex.
  4. Multi-cluster services us-west Multi-Cluster Gateway us-east API Gateway API Gateway

    Business Logic Business Logic Cache Database New API that addresses the complexities of cross-cluster networking and service discovery.
  5. Gateway API us-west Multi-Cluster Gateway us-east Service Next generation of

    Ingress management designed to support both multi-tenant and multi-cluster use cases. - matches: - path: type: Prefix value: /store - matches: - path: type: Prefix value: /store - matches: - path: type: Prefix value: /admin Web Server Service Web Server Web Server Service
  6. One GKE: Two modes Standard • Configuration flexibility • No

    security restrictions • Pay by the node Autopilot • Managed node configuration • Greater default security posture • Pay by the pod GKE (us-east) GKE (us-west) Standard Cluster GKE Standard Cluster GKE Autopilot Cluster GKE Autopilot Cluster GKE Multi-Cluster Gateway Multi-Cluster Services
  7. Why is it so hard? Scheduling Batch and AI/ML workloads

    have complex scheduling requirements that clash with the default Kubernetes scheduler and resource types. Scalability Batch and AI/ML workloads can have hundreds of thousands of tasks and require both large singular clusters and the capability to burst. Performance Requires a highly optimized underlying system, access to specialty hardware and a tuned backend to handle the high throughput requests.
  8. Work queues data-0 data-1 data-2 data-N Job - dproc Pod

    dproc-5rwd7 GCS Bucket Pub/Sub External system required to keep track of work queue Pod dproc-z3e25 Pod dproc-q26l4 Pod dproc-l6d9a
  9. Reduced complexity: Indexed Job data-0 data-1 data-2 data-N Job -

    dproc Pod dproc-0 GCS Bucket Pod dproc-1 Pod dproc-2 Pod dproc-N New Job completion mode: Indexed • Built in method to partition work • Consistent Pod Hostname • Job Index exposed to Pod for easy integration
  10. • Scheduler framework • Suspended jobs • API priority and

    fairness Other improvements for batch workloads
  11. ✔ ✔ ✔ Getting easier every day Kubernetes is Foundational

    Kubernetes is Extensible Kubernetes is Mature Kubernetes is...
  12. • Kubernetes Essentials from Google Cloud • Learn Kubernetes with

    Google • Google Open Source Live • Hybrid and multi-cloud: Anthos and Google Kubernetes Engine Learn more