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Dive into E2D3

Dive into E2D3

E2D3 is an Open Source project allowing Excel users to bring D3 charts into the world of spreadsheets.


SAWA, Norihiko

December 10, 2015

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  1. Dive into E2D3 How to use D3.js on Excel SAWA,

    Norihiko @D3.js meetup in San Francisco http://www.meetup.com/Bay-Area-d3-User-Group/events/227062987/
  2. Who I am? SAWA, Norihiko Software engineer at Nikkei nakamods320yen

  3. Who I am? Software engineer at Nikkei - Data visualize

    - Mobile Apps
  4. I love nutella

  5. None
  6. https://store.office.com/WA104379169.aspx?assetid=WA104379169

  7. Do you use Excel?

  8. Then

  9. Do you like Charts on Excel !?

  10. All we have design guidelines

  11. None
  12. But many people like Excel

  13. This is E2D3

  14. Stats Install: 13000 Charts: 50+ Contributors: 20+

  15. Requirements Excel for Windows 2013 or later Excel Online (Office365)

    (Excel for mac is not available)
  16. How to add charts

  17. We are OPEN SOURCE

  18. How to add charts $ npm install -g e2d3 $

    git clone git@github.com:e2d3/e2d3-contrib.git e2d3-contrib$ e2d3 [E2D3] Publish /Users/chimera/Sites/e2d3-server/e2d3/contrib [E2D3] Webserver started at [E2D3] Webserver(SSL) started at Setting up
  19. Reffering to localhost by type Ctrl key 5 times

  20. regulations of files How to add charts directory name for

    each charts ├ main.js ├ main.css ├ thumbnail.png └ README.md
  21. Thumbnail.png

  22. README.md

  23. structure of main.js

  24. Reserved words root HTML Element to show charts function reload()

    to call update() manually
  25. Fork us: e2d3/e2d3-contrib https://github.com/e2d3/e2d3-contrib @e2d3org