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Build an Alexa skill with .NET Core and AWS Lambda

Build an Alexa skill with .NET Core and AWS Lambda

Learn how to use open-source tools and .NET Core to build and deploy a custom Alexa skill. The project will utilize AWS Lambda for friction-free deployment and scaling. The code is available on Github.


Nate Barbettini

June 03, 2017

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  1. Build an Alexa skill with .NET Core and AWS Lambda

    Nate Barbettini @nbarbettini
  2. About Me Developer Advocate @ Okta Microsoft MVP (2017) Write

    @ recaffeinate.co Tweet @nbarbettini
  3. What is Alexa? • Platform for voice apps (skills) and

    interaction • Runs on Amazon Echo hardware, mobile apps, elsewhere • Lots of skills available already • Developers can build skills to add new abilities
  4. Creating a skill • Configuration data (interaction model) • Web

    service (response) "Alexa, ask Cat Facts to give me a cat fact" Alexa Matches interaction model? Intent model Web service HTTPS
  5. AWS Lambda • "Serverless" = just run code and run

    • Pay only for the exact CPU time and memory you use • Run JavaScript, Python, Java, C# code • Supports .NET Core applications
  6. Live coding

  7. Thanks! Example code: https://github.com/nbarbettini/AlexaHelloWorld https://github.com/nbarbettini/LaunchCalendarSkill Follow for more: https://twitter.com/nbarbettini