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Introduction to Heroku

Introduction to Heroku

Neil Middleton

June 12, 2014

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  1. @neilmiddleton
 ! neil@heroku.com

  2. Apps Require Infrastructure Servers Networking Operations

  3. What is Heroku Database
 Enterprise grade Postgres as a service

 Developer marketplace for logging, data and more Dynos
 Run virtually any language at any scale
  4. Creating demo-app... done, region is us http://demo-app.herokuapp.com/ | git@heroku.com:demo- app.git

    Git remote heroku added $ $ heroku apps:create demo-app ----> Heroku receiving push ----> Rails app detected ----> Compiled slug size is 8.0MB http://demo-app.herokuapp.com deployed to Heroku $ git push heroku master
  5. Use the tools that make you productive

  6. Deployment

  7. Proven Success 5 Billion Requests per day 3+ Million Apps

    Created 125+ Add-on Services “Heroku enables us to build, test and ship faster than we ever would be able to otherwise" – Jay Stakelon, VP of Product, Fullscreen
  8. Connected
 Your Salesforce data connected to your Heroku Postgres database

 Scalability and success of Force.com + Heroku, all in the cloud Complete
 Everything you need to build and run innovative customer-connected apps Heroku Connect:
 Heroku + Force.com
  9. Demo

  10. Questions?