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Looking back try! Swift 2017

Looking back try! Swift 2017

Kohei Tabata

March 06, 2017

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  1. $ whoami ɾKohei Tabata(@nerd0geek1) ɾSaib Studio LLC ɾiOS/MacOS/tvOS app Developer

    ɾI organize a small fastlane meetup in Tokyo. ɾI’m interested in creating Sketch Plugin. ɾI’m interested in improving workflow. Said Studio LLC Kohei Tabata Next! Remote quick-zip plus
  2. So

  3. Isolating your Data Layer ɾHe talked about the importance of

    isolation Data Layer from ɹother layer using POSOs(Plain Object Swift Object). ɾIt is really good way to scale team, reduce app state and so on.
  4. Color Me Surprised!: a Robust Color System with Swift ɾShe

    talked about the way to manage UIColor in Swift project, ɹthe way to change app theme dynamically. ɾI think that it is good way to manage UIColor and change app ɹtheme dynamically, but I also think there are another ways which ɹis appropriate for my project.
  5. Minimizing Decision Fatigue to Improve Team Productivity ɾHe talked about

    the way of working of him and his team in Pivotal ɹLabs. He also talked about tips to organize Xcode project. ɾI already practice several tips which he talked, but some tips are ɹnew for me(Xcode snippet, fileprivate).
  6. Reference ɾColor Me Surprised! ɹ(https://speakerdeck.com/lauraragone/color-me-surprised-architecting-a-robust-color- system-in-swift) ɾMinimizing Decision Fatigue to

    Improve Team Productivity ɹ(https://www.slideshare.net/DerekLee/minimizing-decision-fatigue-to-improve-team- productivity)