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IBM Cloud Tools for Swift

June 27, 2016

IBM Cloud Tools for Swift


June 27, 2016

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  1. IBM Cloud Tools
    for Swift
    Atsushi Nagase
    @ngs / http://ja.ngs.io/

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  2. https://ja.ngs.io/about/

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  3. https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2016/415/

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  4. http://cloudtools.bluemix.net/

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  9. https://github.com/IBM-Swift/BluePic

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  10. cd MyBluePic/Cloud-Scripts/cloudantNoSQLDB
    ./populator.sh --username=$USER \
    --password=$PASS --projectid=$PROJ

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  12. cd MyBluePic/Object-Storage/cloudantNoSQLDB
    ./populator.sh --userid=$USER \
    --password=$PASS --projectid=$PROJ

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  14. ./.build/debug/Server
    VERBOSE: init() Router.swift line 59 - Router initialized
    INFO: init() Configuration.swift line 45 - Using configuration values from 'cloud_config.json'.
    VERBOSE: Server main.swift line 69 - Defining routes for server...
    INFO: spiListen(socket:port:) HTTPServerSPI.swift line 48 - Listening on port 8090

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  20. https://github.com/IBM-Swift/BluePic

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  23. Authenticate Facebook User Error: Valid Authentication Header and userIdentity, but id not found

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  31. export V=DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-06-20-a
    swiftenv install $V
    swiftenv local $V
    swift package generate-xcodeproj

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  32. Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/Kitura.git
    HEAD is now at d643c31 IBM-Swift/Kitura#513 Changed BluePic link
    Resolved version: 0.15.7
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/Kitura-net.git
    HEAD is now at 6193ca8 Avoid bottleneck on lock in __CFGetConverter by performing fewer, longer character conversion operations (#32)
    Resolved version: 0.15.6
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/Kitura-sys.git
    HEAD is now at 3ef9ec7 IBM-Swift/Kitura#466 Updated to latest LoggerAPI
    Resolved version: 0.13.2
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/LoggerAPI.git
    HEAD is now at 9b30704 Merge pull request #8 from tkhuran/develop
    Resolved version: 0.7.1
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/BlueSocket.git
    HEAD is now at 6e8915c Added blurb about BlueSSLService add-on.
    Resolved version: 0.5.20
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/CCurl.git
    HEAD is now at aa7833f Update Package.swift
    Resolved version: 0.1.1
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/CHttpParser.git
    HEAD is now at 41daabb IBM-Swift/Kitura#365 Removed references to code installed externally and the pkgConfig file that is no longer needed.
    Resolved version: 0.1.1
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/SwiftyJSON.git
    HEAD is now at a1e6611 Added UInt support for Linux
    Resolved version: 7.0.4
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/Kitura-TemplateEngine.git
    HEAD is now at 38e7cdb IBM-Swift/Kitura#459 Explicitly indicate that there are no dependencies
    Resolved version: 0.13.0
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/Kitura-CouchDB.git
    HEAD is now at d63d287 Updated version of Kitura-net
    Resolved version: 0.15.0
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/HeliumLogger.git
    HEAD is now at c43bfd1 IBM-Swift/Kitura#479 added static function use()
    Resolved version: 0.7.4
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/Swift-cfenv.git
    HEAD is now at fe97002 Changed dictionary deletion syntax
    Resolved version: 1.2.1
    Cloning https://github.com/ibm-bluemix-mobile-services/bluemix-objectstorage-swift-sdk.git
    HEAD is now at 7bf6373 updated for Kitura-Net 0.13.7
    Resolved version: 0.3.2
    Cloning https://github.com/ibm-bluemix-mobile-services/bluemix-simple-http-client-swift.git
    HEAD is now at b92f0c7 Updated to use Kitura-net 0.15.x
    Resolved version: 0.2.5
    Cloning https://github.com/ibm-bluemix-mobile-services/bluemix-simple-logger-swift.git
    HEAD is now at 0fdd30d updated readme
    Resolved version: 0.2.0
    Cloning https://github.com/ibm-bluemix-mobile-services/bms-mca-kitura-credentials-plugin.git
    HEAD is now at 473564e updated to support no idToken scenario
    Resolved version: 0.1.6
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/Kitura-Credentials.git
    HEAD is now at 99f99c8 IBM-Swift/Kitura#496 Fixed setting of headers from passed plugins
    Resolved version: 0.15.3
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/Kitura-Session.git
    HEAD is now at ab8440f Update Kitura version
    Resolved version: 0.7.1
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/BlueCryptor.git
    HEAD is now at 9d020ee Update for latest toolchain.
    Resolved version: 0.2.5
    Cloning https://github.com/IBM-Swift/CommonCrypto.git
    HEAD is now at 5b957b8 Merge pull request #2 from shmuelk/master
    Resolved version: 0.1.3
    Cloning https://github.com/ibm-bluemix-mobile-services/bms-mca-serversdk-swift.git
    HEAD is now at 4aa6b9f Updated to support no idToken available scenario
    Resolved version: 0.2.2
    Cloning https://github.com/ibm-bluemix-mobile-services/bms-pushnotifications-serversdk-swift.git
    HEAD is now at ae5402e Added public initializers to Notification struct
    Resolved version: 0.1.2
    generated: ./BluePic-Server.xcodeproj

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