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Reformation, Counterreformation, and other 16th-Century Developments

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February 09, 2012

Reformation, Counterreformation, and other 16th-Century Developments

Lecture given 2/07/12



February 09, 2012


  1. Reforma(on,  Counterreforma(on,  and   other  16th  Century  Developments   Reading

      Stokstad,  630-­‐675     Range   ~1490-­‐1600   High  Italian  Renaissance     Terms/Concepts   Reforma(on,   counterreforma(on,  maniera,   Mar(n  Luther,  95  Theses,         Monument  List     Ti(an,  Venus  of  Urbino,  c.   1538.     Parmigianino,  Madonna  with   the  Long  Neck,  1534-­‐1540.     Bronzino,  Allegory  with  Venus   and  Cupid,  mid.  1540s.     Michelangelo,  Last  Judgment,   Sis(ne  Chapel,  Rome,   1536-­‐1541.     TintereNo,  The  Last  Supper,   1592-­‐1594.  
  2. Giovanni  became  Pope  Leo  X  in  1513.     “God

     has  given  us  the  papacy.,  let  us  enjoy  it.”  
  3. Giulio  became  Pope  Clement  IV  in  1523.     Pope

     Inclement  VII  the  Worst  
  4. Mar(n  Luther  

  5. Rome  was  Sacked  in  1527.  

  6. Ti(an,  Venus  of  Urbino,  c.  1538.  

  7. Giorgione  (finished  by  Ti(an?),  Sleeping   Venus,  1507-­‐10.  

  8. Ti(an,  Sacred  and  Profane  Love,  1515.     Sacred  and

     Profane  Love   Marriage  Chests  
  9. Ti(an,  Venus  of  Urbino,  c.  1538.  

  10. Ti(an,  Venus  of  Urbino,  c.  1538.  

  11. Ti(an,  Venus  of  Urbino,  c.  1538.  

  12. Ti(an,  Venus  of  Urbino,  c.  1538.  

  13. Ti(an,  Venus  of  Urbino,  c.  1538.  

  14. Parmigianino,   Madonna  with   the  Long  Neck,   1534-­‐1540.

  15. Parmigianino,  Madonna  with  the  Long  Neck,   1534-­‐1540.  

  16. Parmigianino,  Madonna  with  the  Long  Neck,   1534-­‐1540.  

  17. Parmigianino,  Madonna  with  the  Long  Neck,   1534-­‐1540.  

  18. Parmigianino,  Madonna  with  the  Long  Neck,   1534-­‐1540.  

  19. Bronzino,   Allegory  with   Venus  and  Cupid,   mid.

  20. Bronzino,  Allegory  with  Venus  and  Cupid,  mid.   1540s.  

  21. Bronzino,  Allegory  with  Venus  and  Cupid,  mid.   1540s.  

  22. Bronzino,  Allegory  with  Venus  and  Cupid,  mid.   1540s.  

  23. Bronzino,   Allegory  with   Venus  and  Cupid,   mid.

  24. Rome   Pope  Paul  III  

  25. Michelangelo,  Last   Judgment,  Sis(ne   Chapel,  Rome,   1536-­‐1541.

  26.             Christ  in  Majesty  

              Good                                    Wicked                           Hell                           Heaven   Monastery  of  Ste.  Foy,  Conques,  France,   11th  and  12th  Century.  
  27. Michelangelo,  Last  Judgment,  Sis(ne  Chapel,  Rome,   1536-­‐1541.  

  28. Michelangelo,  Last  Judgment,  Sis(ne  Chapel,  Rome,   1536-­‐1541.  

  29. Michelangelo,  Last  Judgment,  Sis(ne  Chapel,  Rome,   1536-­‐1541.  

  30. TintereNo,  The  Last  Supper,  1592-­‐1594.  

  31. Leonardo  da  Vinci,  Last  Supper,  1495-­‐1498  

  32. Leonardo  da  Vinci,  Last  Supper,  1495-­‐1498  

  33. Cri(cal  Thinking  Ques(ons   1.  How  did  the  Protestant  Reforma(on

     and  the   Sack  of  Rome  impact  the  paNerns  of   patronage  in  Italy?   2.  What  is  mannerism?    What  are  some  of  the   major  theories  explaining  this  style?   3.  What  was  the  Counterreforma(on?    How  did   it  impact  the  tone  and  look  of  religious  art?