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The Android WebView @ PhoneGap Day

The Android WebView @ PhoneGap Day

PhoneGap Day EU 2015

Niels Leenheer

May 18, 2015

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  1. the android webview niels leenheer - phonegap day eu 2015

  2. what is a webview? a system level component for 

    displaying html in applications
  3. up to android 4.3, 
 the webview was based on

    webkit android 4.4 and later use a webview based on chromium
  4. the old webkit webview has 
 not been properly updated

 the last four years almost no changes between 
 android 4.0 and 4.3
  5. the webkit webview is slow and has outdated standards support

    its standards support can be 
 compared to ios 4 or 5
  6. the chromium webview is not only much faster, it has

    much better standards support at the same level or even better standards support as ios 8
  7. the chromium webview will 
 be updated regularly android 4.4

    ⟶ chromium 30
 android 4.4.3 ⟶ chromium 33
 android 5 ⟶ chromium 37 or higher
  8. in a couple of years all android
 phones will have

    the chromium
  9. but today we still have to deal with
 the webkit

    webview 5 10% 4.4 40% 4.1 - 4.3 39% 4.0 5% 2.2 - 2.3 6%
  10. but unfortunately we are not dealing with just one webkit

  11. device manufacturers improved the default browser differentiation by having better

    standards support than your competitors
  12. differentiation is just a pretty name for fragmentation

  13. the reality is that we now have many different webviews

    that all behave slightly different not only different versions of webkit, but also different features enabled
  14. better standards support is useless if it is only available

    on a subset of devices apps still need to be build for the lowest common denominator
  15. ? webgl indexeddb websockets webaudio requestanimationframe form field types

  16. having frequent updates is not 
 always good! removing older

    apis and features 
 can cause legacy apps to break
  17. some devices will never get an upgrade to android 5

    chromium 30 and 33 based webviews will be around for the next couple of years
  18. bad performance limited standards support vendor specific versions

  19. better standards support limited control

  20. fragmentation

  21. how to deal with this mess

  22. test as often as possible, 
 on as many devices

    as possible
  23. perhaps try an 
 open device lab? 
 144 labs

    across 34 countries 
 and 4002 devices available
  24. test as often as possible, 
 on as many devices

    as possible
  25. but there is also 
 another solution

  26. crosswalk

  27. None
  28. thank you @html5test