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Online translating using Weblate

Online translating using Weblate

Providing tool for online translation brings both benefits and some challenges. Weblate is tool to help you deal with some of the challenges and get most out of the benefits you can get. I will describe motivation to write yet another tool for this and some key features, which you will not find in competitors.


Michal Čihař

October 20, 2012


  1. Weblate Weblate Online translation for your project Online translation for

    your project Michal Čihař http://weblate.org/ michal@cihar.com
  2. 2 Online translating using Weblate • Online translating in general

    ‒ Challenges and benefits for your project • Weblate ‒ Why it was started and what does it bring new
  3. Online translation

  4. 4 Why consider online translation? • Easy and fast access

    for translators. • Attracts non-technical people. • Generally makes project more open for contribution.
  5. 5 Challenges with online translations • Quality of translations •

    Attribution of contributions • Giving translators the context
  6. 6 Choices for online translation • Do not provide it

    • Third-party service • Own installation
  7. Weblate

  8. 8 Why Weblate exists? • Git integration • Attribution of

    contributions • Working with multiple branches • Workflow automation
  9. 9 Weblate is helping translators • Source code context •

    Similar strings • Translator dictionary • Machine translation • Notifications
  10. 10 Weblate checks message consistency • Built in check for

    message correctness • Include language specific rules • Translator is notified of new violations • It is easy to add custom checks (in Python)
  11. 11 Weblate integrates git • Translation is done in git

    repository • Translations can be merged like any other changes • Translators are authors of Git commits
  12. 12 Weblate automates your workflow • Update translations in multiple

    branches • Pull upstream changes on notification ‒ Github integration • Push changes upstream
  13. Thank you. 13 Try the Weblate yourself at demo.weblate.org

  14. 14 Further resources • Website: http://weblate.org/ • Demo: http://demo.weblate.org/ •

    Git: http://github.com/nijel/weblate/ • Mailing list: weblate@lists.cihar.com • IRC: #weblate at freenode