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Why Twitter Is Dope And How To Use It

Why Twitter Is Dope And How To Use It

I've met some of the smartest and most interesting people I know through twitter. I talk about why I invested time in it and what has worked for me.

Nikhil Krishnan

March 27, 2018

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  1. 1 How to use Twitter to make you smarter and

    find interesting people Why Twitter Is Dope
  2. 2 2 Disclaimer Everything said here is *my* experience with

    Twitter, there are a lots of different communities and approaches to using it
  3. 3 W H Y T W I T T E

    R I S D O P E Some personal facts
  4. 4 I…uh…spend a lot of time on it WTF????

  5. 5 So much so that I even have haters

  6. 6 6 It’s become the primary way for me to

    filter news, papers, etc. I’m interested in
  7. 7 7 I meet about 50%-60% of new people through

    Twitter I usually get coffee/meals/drinks with ~1 person per week via Twitter
  8. 8 When someone asks you how you met someone and

    you say through Twitter
  9. 9 W H Y T W I T T E

    R I S D O P E Why You Should Use Twitter
  10. 10 It’s a new way to make friends + networks

    The Regular Way People Make Friends 1 Proximity 2 Discovering mutual interests (conversations) 3 Repeated interactions The Twitter Way To Make Friends 1 Proximity 2 Discovering mutual interests (conversations) 3 Repeated interactions
  11. 11 Making friends is geography agnostic

  12. 12 Making friends is geography agnostic

  13. 13 Making friends is geography agnostic

  14. 14 It’s also “status” agnostic – you have direct access

    to people and mentors you might be able to access normally lol
  15. 15 It lets other people know what topics you’re interested

    in at a given time
  16. 16 16 Twitter is the only social network where you

    don’t bring your existing friends/connections with you to start Because of that…
  17. 17 17 Twitter gives priority to people’s ideas Facebook, Instagram,

    Snap, etc. gives priority to people’s personal life updates
  18. 18 W H Y T W I T T E

    R I S D O P E Dos and Don’ts
  19. 19 19 DO: Get into other people’s conversations and reply

    with your opinions + thoughts (THIS IS PRIORITY #1)
  20. 20 How it looks when you’re tweeting to your followers

    at the beginning
  21. 21 Other people will start seeing what you write when

    you reply, you don’t need lots of followers
  22. 22 22 DO: Use lists to toggle between different topics

  23. 23 Build lists to toggle between topics of your choice

    or subscribe to other people’s lists
  24. 24 24 DO: Unfollow people if they aren’t tweeting about

    stuff you like
  25. 25 The unfollow button is your best friend

  26. 26 Don’t just keep stacking followers, prune as your interests

  27. 27 27 Twitter is one of the only places where

    it’s totally normal to remove a connection - which is why your feed stays relevant How often do you remove friends from FB even if you’re not friends with them anymore?
  28. 28 28 DO: Follow the people your favorite accounts follow

  29. 29 Most underrated area is the “followers you know” area

    If it has a lot of people you like, it’s a good sign
  30. 30 When you find a person you like, see who

    they follow Click here to see who they follow
  31. 31 31 DO: Follow people who prioritize engaging with their

  32. 32 Click on “tweets & replies”. Good rule of thumb

    is at least 2:1 tweets to replies in the last 10 tweets (ballpark). More is better!
  33. 33 33 DON’T: Auto-tweet links

  34. 34 If it’s all buff.ly, bit.ly, etc. links avoid! Auto-tweeting

    links is akin to spam and signals you don’t want to converse
  35. 35 35 The best part of the platform is the

    conversations, find people who take part in that
  36. 36 36 DON’T: Use hashtags

  37. 37 It just screams “I’m here to market stuff and

    get as many eyeballs as possible”
  38. 38 38 DON’T: Follow non-people (brands, publications, firms, etc.)

  39. 39 You probably don’t care about ALL of these articles

    + they aren’t engaging accounts
  40. 40 The people you follow will be your filter. Interesting

    stuff will end up in your feed + have commentary from them too.
  41. 41 41 DO: Follow people with less followers They aren’t

    full of themselves + they’re more opinionated, engaging, and down to hang
  42. 42 42 DO: Reach out to people via DM

  43. 43 It can be the start of a beautiful friendship

    + people are more down to meet than you think This is a steakhouse
  44. 44 44 DON’T: Try to get retweets for the sake

    of engagement
  45. 45 C’mon… You lose respect instantly doing this, esp from

    people you might want to meet
  46. 46 46 Golden rule: Quality of followers > Quantity of

  47. 47 47 DON’T: Participate in “outrage” twitter or get dragged

    in a twitter fight
  48. 48 People participating in rage twitter are not aiming to

    learn or change their views, it’s not worth your time
  49. 49 Just ignore trolls or people trying to bait you

    into an argument ???????
  50. 50 50 DON’T: Feel the need to jump into whatever

    the current hot topic of discussion is You don’t HAVE to have a take
  51. 51 51 DO: Use mute words

  52. 52 Mute words let you avoid topics like politics if

    you don’t want to see them
  53. 53 53 DON’T: Be afraid to be wrong

  54. 54 People will call you out for being wrong –

    and you’ll learn! Imagine how long it would take to find out you were wrong if you kept it to yourself
  55. 55 55 DON’T: Tweet about stuff too niche to your

    life/situation to be relatable
  56. 56 Sweet

  57. 57 57 DON’T: Put “@account” at the very very beginning

    of your tweet
  58. 58 Using “@” at the very beginning registers as a

    reply to that account
  59. 59 59 DON’T: Tweet things like “great read” without adding

    some of your own commentary or why
  60. 60 60 DON’T: Be a suckup or constant congratulator People

    have enough “yes” men/women in their lives, be someone that makes them think
  61. 61 61 DO: Find your own style/what works for you

  62. 62 I like using threads and making memes, but everyone

    has their own style. Just make one that helps you find interesting people.
  63. 63 63 DON’T: Give up! It’s a slow build

  64. 64 And trust me, you’ll probably get rekt along the

    way…it’s inevitable but you’ll learn from it
  65. 65 But eventually…you’ll find friends, advice, news, and more that’ll

    make the investment worth while
  66. 66 THANK YOU!!! Except for this guy