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Apegroup Social Media Strategy - Part 2

Ef64f7d2c0bd5abd10f512d4f2209f8d?s=47 Nils Sköld
February 20, 2015

Apegroup Social Media Strategy - Part 2

A presentation I held for my company on the social media strategy that I created. This part is about the first wave, what we call Channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and the progress made for the first month since we started.


Nils Sköld

February 20, 2015


  1. Social Media APEGROUP Friday Meeting - 6 February 2015 2/3

    First Wave: Channels
  2. First Wave Twitter Facebook Linked In

  3. 3 Printed Flyers To be placed throughout the office, with

    the WiFi password. Wifi: apegroup_guest / wireless4guest Wifi: apegroup_guest / wireless4guest Wifi: apegroup_guest / wireless4guest
  4. Emotion Rationale Twitter Linked In Facebook Twitter Linked In Facebook

  5. Twitter

  6. 6 The leading brains. Meet the brains of our social

    media. We’re quick and engaging on Twitter, which is our number 1 social media in terms of activity and engagement. While links is our primary type of content we try to comment on it and spark up a debate. We are curators, not a link feed. We value quality over quantity and our followers know that links we post will be worth a click. We try to promote employees tweets as often as we can with retweets and #followfriday. TWITTER
  7. 7 Concept • Daily links with comments and POV •

    Initiate discussions and add to discussions • Tell the world what we’re up to • Public speakers • Hackathons • Empower employees • Create a list with all ape employees • Retweet employees & #followfridays TWITTER DESIGN TARGET Clients Employees New Business GOALS 2015 5000 followers (772) 100.000 impressions per month (2k) 10% engagement rate (2.4%) GROWTH PLAN Mass follow for a month Unfollow all that don’t follow back Unfollow all that is inactive / no followers Star tweets about relevant keywords
  8. 8 The Twitter Group Nils Design Wayne Business Alek Tech

    Karin Business Joakim Business
  9. 9 Progress February What has happened since we started? Since

    29th January (3 weeks) +152 followers (924) +66 tweets (4.4/day) +11,7k impressions (619/day)
  10. 10 Progress February Impressions

  11. 11 Progress February Engagement

  12. Facebook

  13. 13 A Fun Place to Be. This is the heart

    of our social media, where we get more familiar with our followers and show them how apegroup works “behind the scenes”. We present case studies and trend reports but we mainly focus on our employees. We put up qualitative links or pictures on a daily basis. The content doesn’t need to be relative for tech, design nor business. Funny, interesting stuff will take us a long way here. Tagging all pictures is key. FACEBOOK
  14. 14 Concept • Mainly communicate in Swedish • But are

    open for other languages • Celebrate the apegroup culture • Praise our employees • Daily links, articles or relevant pictures • Music links • Host events and create photos galleries FACEBOOK DESIGN TARGET Employees Clients GOALS 2015 2000 likes (359) 4000 reach per week (50) 200 engagement per week (0) GROWTH PLAN Invite friends Tag people in photos Share/Like from personal accounts
  15. Fredrik Design Magnus Business Anders Tech Johanna Business Pernilla Business

    15 The Facebook Group Marcus Design
  16. 16 Progress February What has happened since we started? Since

    1 February (3 weeks) +84 likes (443) +10 posts (0.5/day) +1711 reach (2100/week)
  17. 17 Progress February How we stack up against our competition.

  18. 18 Progress February Week from where we started (above). This

    week (below).
  19. 19 Progress February Reach (impressions). 11 Feb = The “Pino”

  20. 20 Progress February Our most popular posts.

  21. None
  22. Linked In

  23. 23 Leading mobile first agency. We post news, press releases,

    links to cases as well as our own content for LinkedIn. Job listings on the other hand are not links. From now on we use LinkedIns own job posting function for our open vacancies. LinkedIn works as the tie around our neck or the business handshake of our social media. LINKED IN
  24. 24 Concept • Open vacancies on own postings function •

    Pay it forward articles • Press releases and news • Push events & talks • Connect to all our clients FIRST WAVE DESIGN TARGET New Business Clients GOALS 2015 3000 followers (519) 4000 impressions 100 clicks per week 5% engagement GROWTH PLAN Through personal accounts
  25. 25 The LinkedIn Group Johanna Business Lotta Business Nils Design

    Petter Design
  26. 26 Progress February What has happened since we started? Since

    29th January (3 weeks) +104 followers (623) +5 posts (1.6/week) -3 employees (76)
  27. 27 Progress February

  28. 28 Klout Score

  29. Event 2 Mingle Action Plan First Wave - Channels Second

    Wave - Content Feb March April June May Web 1.0 - Build Web 2.0 - Build Event 3 Webbdagarna Hack Days PR ? ? ? Blog - Behind the scenes (Web and Process) Ideas & Thinkings Social WWW EVENT PR BLOG ? Third Wave - Added presence
  30. Merci! /The Social Media Gurus