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Marketing Automation

Ef64f7d2c0bd5abd10f512d4f2209f8d?s=47 Nils Sköld
February 18, 2015

Marketing Automation

A lecture I held at Hyper Island for the course Digital Strategist. It's about how the next best offer, isn't the primary thing but rather the next best message. Creating customer journeys, segmenting your customer base and thinking about the customer lifetime journey.


Nils Sköld

February 18, 2015


  1. None
  2. Marketing Automation HYPER ISLAND 19 February 2015

  3. Nils Sköld UX Director at Apegroup @nilsskold

  4. The digital age has obliterated the scripted, one- way flow

    of information that existed during the era of just a few channels. Companies used to communicate in highly controlled, carefully crafted messages. Now corporations and consumers, including Facebook’s one billion active users, are engaged in unplanned, unscripted discussions. - Power Shift: The rise of the consumer focused enterprise in the digital age. Carpenter, Gregory. Let’s start off with a nice quote…
  5. What is Marketing Automation? Basically, it’s giving the customer what

    they want, when they want it.
  6. IRL

  7. Travel Site Homepage Checking in SMS Abandoned Cart E-mail

  8. New technology make new ways of marketing possible, even real-

    time, but that’s not enough. It’s how we communicate it that will make a difference. Content + Context = Success!
  9. How is it done?

  10. Map out the Customer Journey Walk in their shoes and

    map out their journey. Visually, so that everyone understands. 1
  11. 11 User Journeys Think on what your customers do before,

    during, and after, your core business. Empathy exercises help a lot! Before During After Experience
  12. Where should I stay in Malmö?
 Does anyone know a

    good hotel? Is there a hotel near the station?
  13. How do I find the hotel? I’m running late. How

    do I get in? Where can I eat at this hour?
  14. In what room am I staying? At what time does

    breakfast end? Can I upgrade my room?
  15. What’s the code for the WiFi? I don’t want to

    be disturbed! What kind of food can I order to the room?
  16. What’s good to eat in this city? I need to

    find a gift shop close to the hotel What’s the best way of getting around?
  17. I need to extend the check out by an hour.

    I want to file a complaint. I forgot my phone charger!
  18. 18 User Journeys Map out the current journey, based on

    time and touch points, and then identify the opportunities
  19. Analyse your customer data Measure everything, then create segments out

    of that data. Then build services or products for those segments. 2
  20. 20 Gather Data of All Your Customers Analyse it and

    create behavioural segments. Find the room for improvements. 7% 8% 10% 11% 29% 35% A Travel Company tought their customers were families. It really was senior citizens.
  21. 21 77% First Time User • Stays about one time

    a year • Bring in 24% of the revenue • Stays on weekends • Make reservations for two people or more • Most often go for package offers • Make reservations in bought channels •, COSTUMER SEGMENT Marketing campaigns Push owned channels
  22. 22 17% Returning Client • Stays for about five nights

    per year • Bring in 26% of the revenue • Stays almost only on week days • 40% is women and 60% is men. Most are in the age span 30 - 40 • Buys parking but doesn’t use roomservice • Make reservations in both bought and owned channels COSTUMER SEGMENT Parking Age 30 - 40 Owned channels
  23. 23 6% Loyal Customer • Stays for about 27 nights

    per year • Bring in half the revenue • Are at the hotel only on week days • 75% are men aged between 40 - 55 • Buys parking and uses room service • Make reservations in owned channels COSTUMER SEGMENT Parking Room Service Customer Care
  24. Focus on the Customer Lifetime Value Measure everything, then create

    segments out of that data. 3
  25. 25 Customer Lifetime Value Listening activity on service Acquisition Marketing

    Lost Learn
  26. 26 Onboarding Educating the new user on how to use

    the service. Acquisition Lost 1
  27. 27 Push for higher frequency Get user more active through

    relevant content Acquisition Lost 1 2
  28. 28 Try a New Mix Based on other similar profiles

    and their behaviours. Acquisition Lost 1 2 3
  29. 29 Re-activation Efforts Personalised messages bed on segmentations Acquisition Lost

    1 2 3 4
  30. 30 Churn Analysis So to better spot user behaviour that

    is about to leave. Acquisition Lost 1 2 3 4 5
  31. Get the Right Tools You can do this manually but

    it will take years. And there is a great deal of powerful tools out there. Google Salesforce Journey Builder for a video demo. 4
  32. Triggered Communication

  33. This is most companies marketing plan.

  34. 34 Triggered Communication If this, then that.

  35. 35 Even out the customer engagement With constant running contextual

    content. Additional content User engagement Scheduled campaigns
  36. 36 Personal and Contextual If we add all the data

    we have we can better understand the customer and her needs. Customer data Purchase History Favourites Customer Frequency … Position Location Weather Time of Day … Personal & Social Friends / Contacts Birthday Social network … Open API:s Traffic Sports Emissions …
  37. Buy a muffin before noon and get it for half

  38. Purchase History Open API: Train traffic Location: Train Station

  39. Want to lose 7000 points?

  40. Time: Before departure Loyalty club Database: Unsold

  41. While Bank Apps says absolutely nothing…

  42. Weather: Raining Location: Proximity Time: Closed Welcome Nils! Use the

    code 1234 to get in, and if you’re going out again make sure to bring the umbrella that’s been placed in your room.
  43. 43 Communication Plan A healthy mix of scheduled and triggered

    communication. JAN FEB MAR APR MAJ JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Winter campaign Sports Holiday Customer appreciation Room Service Staycation campaign Loyalty Card campaign Halloween campaign Extra points on Coffee campaign New customer greeting Scheduled Triggered
  44. Assignment

  45. You are the marketing director for a travel company. ASSIGNMENT

  46. Based on given customer segments, and all the ways to

    do triggered communication. ASSIGNMENT
  47. Map out a customer journey for one segment and create

    a communication schedule for them. ASSIGNMENT Don’t forget the Customer Lifetime Value!
  48. 48 Main Segments Based on the customer data for the

    travel company. Planners Last Minute Loyal Buy package deals with flight and hotel in one. Books from bought media, and close before departure. Most often 2 people. 20-30 age First time visit. Want to explore the area. Buy the trip almost a year in advance. Are 3-4 people. Most often with young kids. Read up on everything and come very prepared. Writes detailed reviews and complaints. Goes to the same place every year. Often a larger group, going together. Books through phone, knows the personnel. Know the area. Stays mostly at the resort.
  49. 49 Triggered Communication Planned communication based on real time actions.

    Customer data Purchase History Favourites Customer Frequency … Position Location Weather Time of Day … Personal & Social Friends / Contacts Birthday Social network … Open API:s Traffic Sports Emissions …
  50. Merci.