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How to find your perfect mentor...when you don't know how

How to find your perfect mentor...when you don't know how

After nine months teaching herself how to code, Amina landed her first professional developer job, spoke at three tech conferences and had tech leads and senior developers mentoring her. Learn how Amina identified and engaged with her mentors in order to become an engineer whilst juggling a baby and full-time job.


Amina Adewusi

January 18, 2020


  1. @a_adewusi Y O U G O T T H I

    S ! 2 0 2 0 How to find your perfect mentor when you don’t know how Amina Adewusi
  2. @a_adewusi @a_adewusi 2 What is mentoring? Learning relationships Create what

    works for you
  3. @a_adewusi 3 Let’s get specific about our goals, introspect on

    our why and develop an evidence based understanding.
  4. @a_adewusi Meetups LinkedIn Slack Conferences Meetups like Codebar have active

    chat groups. These can be great for asking technical questions. Useful for building a network with no prior industry connection. Implement a concise, clear call to action. Research before attending and practice initiating conversations with a genuine interest in others. Ask extra questions and connect online for further support, such as code reviews. 4 Twitter Open source Great for working in a team on an existing codebase, receiving code reviews and pairing. Follow influencers who may share opportunities you can respond to and whom you can tag in your tweets.
  5. @a_adewusi 02 Have you done your research? Avoid already answered

    questions 01 What is your compelling story? Create a human connection 03 What is your call to action? Make it clear and easy to execute 04 Implement tests Start with small requests 05 Ask for referrals Use network theory 5
  6. @a_adewusi 6 Nurture great mentoring relationships by taking a needs

    approach, being action focused and requesting appropriate advice.
  7. @a_adewusi Create your own luck C O N C L

    U S I O N 7