Crossroads of asynchrony and graceful degradation at QCon SF 2015

A3668e66eb7b8980ac91daaa4e9fe691?s=47 Nitesh Kant
November 17, 2015

Crossroads of asynchrony and graceful degradation at QCon SF 2015

Netflix with more than 60 million subscribers worldwide and accounting for a third of the internet traffic in the United States, is a highly available internet service. In order to guarantee high availability for our service, we have architected our systems in a way that different failures modes in distributed systems causes graceful degradation and not unavailability.

In our constant endeavor to improve availability of our services, we are on our path to embrace asynchrony in its entirety in our services using libraries like RxJava and RxNetty. Transitioning from a synchronous world, asynchronous applications brings in interesting challenges as well as novel solutions specifically in terms of handling various different failure modes in distributed systems like latency, partial failures and abusive clients.

In this talk Nitesh Kant will describe how embracing asynchrony in our applications, from networking to business processing, creates gracefully degrading and highly resilient applications

Presented at QCon SF 2015:



Nitesh Kant

November 17, 2015