Adventures with ReactiveStreams

A3668e66eb7b8980ac91daaa4e9fe691?s=47 Nitesh Kant
October 25, 2018

Adventures with ReactiveStreams

In today's world, more and more people are creating software that is expected to run at large scale. Large scale and cost-effectiveness often lead programmers to asynchronous programming models for handling vertical scalability concerns. Creating an asynchronous application on the JVM is nontrivial and often leads to disparate abstractions. Reactive Streams is one such abstraction that is widely accepted on the JVM today. This presentation is a deep dive into what it takes to implement the Reactive Streams specifications. It delves into various trade-offs that library developers have to consider while implementing Reactive Streams and which aspects of practical applications make such trade-offs easier.

Presented at Oracle Code One 2018:


Nitesh Kant

October 25, 2018