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Jumpstart Your Developer Journey To Cloud + AI

Jumpstart Your Developer Journey To Cloud + AI

Lightning talk at Codeland Conf 2022 for the #CodeNewbie community

Nitya Narasimhan, PhD

June 17, 2022

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  1. Jumpstart Your Developer Journey to Cloud +AI! Nitya Narasimhan, PhD

    Developer Advocate @Microsoft #Code2Cloud @nitya
  2. #Code2Cloud @nitya • PhD Reliable Distributed Systems • Developer Advocate

    @Microsoft • Visual Storyteller @SketchTheDocs • Community Builder @New York Hi! I’m @Nitya
  3. #Code2Cloud https://aka.ms/codeland/2022 You will not be doing this alone! Break

    down the journey into chunks, and iterate Learn - fundamentals Build - local prototypes Deploy - to cloud scale Simplify – tools & workflows
  4. #Code2Cloud https://aka.ms/codeland/2022 Start with the Fundamentals Language – pick one

    relevant to cloud platforms (has sdk) Azure – learn core concepts & services (get the certification!) Dev Tools – become a power user (VS Code, CLI, CI/CD)
  5. #Code2Cloud https://aka.ms/30DaysOfSWA Build something local that works! Frameworks – learn

    application frameworks for your language Quickstart – build with starter templates, explore open-source Dev Environment – install & use the right tools for e2e workflows
  6. #Code2Cloud https://aka.ms/30DaysOfSWA Take your project to the cloud! Azure Static

    Web Apps – build & deploy directly from codebase Azure Functions – event-driven serverless API & architecture Azure CosmosDB – multi-model globally-distributed NoSQL db
  7. #Code2Cloud https://aka.ms/30DaysOfSWA Automate, iterate & optimize for DX VS Code

    IDE – Rich Extensions, Codespaces, Dev Containers GitHub Actions – automated build-test-deploy pipelines Playwright – reliable e2e testing, web automation & reporting
  8. #Code2Cloud https://aka.ms/30DaysOfSWA You did it! Now pay it forward ..

    Open Source Your Project – Help others explore and reuse it Blog Your Learnings – it will be a good reference for you & others Mentor One Person – try pair programming on their project
  9. #Code2Cloud https://aka.ms/30DaysOfSWA Keep Yourself Accountable! Set a #30Days Goal –

    Chunk the learning, establish study habits Make a Roadmap – Helps have chunks build on each other Capture progress – Celebrate, create breadcrumbs for recall
  10. #30DaysToLearnIt – https://aka.ms/30DaysOfAzure Complete a challenge in 30 Days, get

    discounts on Certification. The challenge involves completing a relevant collection of courses.
  11. #30DaysOfSWA – https://aka.ms/30DaysOfSWA Build and deploy a static web app

    using any modern web framework Core Concepts Usage Examples Developer Tools Best Practices
  12. Visit Us: https://aka.ms/codeland/2022 Post comment or tweet @nitya with your

    #30Days goal Get customized sketchnote to help accountability! Thank You!