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PyCon 2019 Mentored Sprint for Diverse Beginners Git Intro

PyCon 2019 Mentored Sprint for Diverse Beginners Git Intro


Nina Zakharenko

May 04, 2019


  1. ! slides: bit.ly/mentoredgit Getting started with Git Mentored Sprints for

    Diverse Beginners #MentoredSprint #PyCon2019 @nnja
  2. Cloning Today For slow conference wifi, clone like this: git

    clone --depth 1 https://github.com/django/ django.git @nnja
  3. Prerequisites: 4 a GitHub.com account 4 Please log in. 4

    git installed locally 4 In your terminal program, typing git version should return a number. @nnja
  4. git vs GitHub @nnja

  5. What makes a folder a "git repository?" Only one thing

    -- the existence of a .git directory. Once this directory is present, you'll be able to run the git status command. @nnja
  6. Forks ! 4 Since you want to contribute back, we'll

    make a "fork". 4 A "fork" is our local copy of the source code. @nnja
  7. Fork Demo @nnja

  8. Cloning 4 Once you've made a fork, let's clone it

    locally. 4 Grab the URL from GitHub 4 Run git clone <URL>, just paste it in! @nnja
  9. https://info201-s17.github.io/book/git-collaboration.html

  10. Clone Demo @nnja

  11. Three Areas Where Code Lives @nnja

  12. @nnja

  13. Commits 4 Mark the files you're ready to share 4

    A specific file 4 git add <file path> 4 All the change 4 git add . 4 git commit -m "message" @nnja
  14. Destructive Operations 4 Be careful running this! 4 It will

    delete your changes. 4 git checkout -- <file> 4 You won't be able to get them back @nnja
  15. Stash 4 A stash is a safe place to temporarily

    store your changes 4 Only stash files git knows about: 4 git stash 4 Include files git doesn't know about: 4 git stash --include-untracked 4 Bring your changes back 4 git stash apply @nnja
  16. Branching @nnja

  17. 4 Make a new branch: 4 git branch <branch_name> 4

    "Checking out" a different branch 4 git checkout <branch_name> @nnja
  18. Push / Syncing 4 Push to server 4 git push

    origin my_branch 4 Pull from server 4 git pull @nnja
  19. Logs 4 git log @nnja

  20. Opening a PR Demo @nnja

  21. Need git or GitHub help? 4 Find the git help

    desk 4 ask your mentors 4 most of all, have fun! @nnja