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About Deploying and Process Management for Slimane

About Deploying and Process Management for Slimane

2016 Jun 27 Tokyo server side swift meetup

Yuki Takei

June 28, 2016

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  1. Y U K I TA K E I A b

    o u t D e p l o y i n g a n d P ro c e s s M a n a g e m e n t f o r S l i m a n e 2 0 1 6 J U N 2 7 T O K Y O S E R V E R S I D E S W I F T M E E T U P
  2. • 100% asynchronous(built over libuv) • Express(Node.js) inspired • Stand

    Alone HTTP Server • Moduler • Faster • Adopts Open-Swift • Supports Multiprocess Environment Slimane is a Web Framework/HTTP Server for Swift3
  3. • Routing/Middleware • Session • JSON • Hash Functions •

    Redis • WebSocket • View/Template Engine • Promise • Future Available functionalities(Modules) And more…. https://github.com/slimane-swift
  4. S w i f t y - L i b

    u v S U V S K E LT O N S L I M A N E Layer of Slimane OS App libuvͷSwiftόΠϯσΟϯά ඇಉظωοτϫʔΫϓϥοτϑΥʔϜ TCPɺUDPɺProcessɺ FIleSystemɺDNS etc… SuvϕʔεͷHTTPαʔόʔ HTTPϓϩτίϧͷύʔζ ΞϓϦέʔγϣϯϑϨʔϜϫʔΫ system callɺevent loop
  5. • Blue Green Deployment • Cloud Services provided • Capistrano(with

    SCM) • Rsync There are some major deploying ways
  6. • Nginx • Apache • Unicorn(Rack HTTP Server) • PM2(Node.js)

    Major Servers/Tools that supports `Graceful Restart`
  7. • Use via Command line interface • Controllable by signals

    • Observing workers(like a supervisor) • Can take cpu/memory usage from each workers • Will merge to Skelton partially (it means Skelton’ll become like a Unicorn) PMS is a process manger for apps that are built over Skelton
  8. • USR2 (Gracefully restart all workers) • USR1 (Reopen log

    files) • TTIN (Increase a worker process) • TTOU (Decrease a worker process) • INT/TERM(exit immediately) Supported signals(2016-06-27)