The Kotlin Type Hierarchy From Top to Bottom

5358df52bd2ef4f57da1b1cc8634cfd9?s=47 Nat Pryce
October 04, 2018

The Kotlin Type Hierarchy From Top to Bottom

The Kotlin Type Hierarchy, from top to bottom (including the ins and outs of generics)

Coming from Java, Kotlin's type system can appear quite daunting: nullable types, Unit, Nothing, Any, variance specifiers, function types, and more. But don't panic! Kotlin's type hierarchy is actually simple – it has very few rules to learn and those rules combine together consistently and predictably. Thanks to those rules, Kotlin useful language features, such as null safety and unreachable code analysis, do not rely on special cases that you must memorise, or ad-hoc checks in the compiler and IDE that stop working when your code gets too complicated.

In this talk Nat will take you on a tour of Kotlin's type hierarchy and demonstrate how to use it to model your application domains, using example code taken from real projects.

Presented at KotlinConf 2018, Amsterdam.



Nat Pryce

October 04, 2018