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Introducing WSO2 Enterprise Asset Store

Introducing WSO2 Enterprise Asset Store

The debut of WSO2 Enterprise Asset Store at WSO2Con San Francisco November 2013

Nuwan Bandara

October 31, 2013

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  1. Why Deploy an Enterprise Asset Store Nuwan Bandara @nuwanbando WSO2

  2. Mobile Apps APIs Gadgets Connectors Policies Documents Web Apps Services

    Enterprise Assets • Businesses generate different types of assets • Different parties are involved in creating those • Every asset type has its own lifecycle
  3. The Challenge • Every SBU in a large corporation create

    some kind of a digital asset • Sometimes there are overlapping (lack of knowledge of what other unit has done) • Usage monitoring and governance • Many stakeholder involvement in an asset’s lifecycle • Monetization options ?
  4. An Enterprise Apps Store “Enterprise App Stores Can Increase the

    ROI of the App Portfolio” – Gartner (4th Feb 2013) “By 2017, 25 Percent of Enterprises Will Have an Enterprise App Store” – Gartner (12th Feb 2013)
  5. We Envisioned One Step Further • A store of anything

    (Why only apps ? Why not anything ?) • Ships with Three types of assets OOTB (Gadgets, Web Sites and E-Books) • Ability to add new types of assets and configure • Ability to extend the base functionality (subscription / payment process integration)
  6. Introducing WSO2 Enterprise Store • The Hot New Product of

    WSO2 product stack • General Availability from 26th Oct. • Already multiple customers in-house
  7. Store Is The Center Of Connected Business

  8. Two Components – { #1 - Store Front } •

    Asset attribute base search & sort • Categories & Tags • Recently added / Most used listings • Dedicated asset page with social commenting and rating
  9. Store Front : Social Commenting & Rating • Fist look

    at WSO2 Social Platform • Commenting • Rating • Liking / Disliking
  10. Two Components – { #2 - Backoffice } • Asset

    add / edit / versioning • Lifecycle management & governance • Statistics
  11. Backoffice : Lifecycle Management & Governence • Lifecycle visualization •

    Change log • Driven by SCXML • Asset type specific lifecycle configuration
  12. Extending The Store With A New Asset Type • Create

    a new Resource Extension Type (RXT – a concept inherited from WSO2 GReg) • Add relevant jaggery pages to customize the asset based operations (Download vs Subscribe vs Bookmark) • Define the Asset LC in SCXML
  13. In-House Customers : Service Store

  14. In-House Customers : Mobile App Store

  15. Future Integration Within WSO2 Platform • API Manager Store &

    Publisher (Q1 2014) • WSO2 ESB Connector Store (Nov. 2013) • WSO2 App Store with App factory (Q1 2014)
  16. The Engineering Effort • Written completely in JavaScript, the front-end

    and the back- end • Uses technologies such as jaggeryjs, caramel, handlebars • Modular to its core – any part of the store can be over ridden by dropping a relevant script in extensions • A team of geniuses
  17. Thank You nuwan@wso2.com http://nuwanbando.com